Extraordinary talks from extraordinary women

Robin Morgan

‘..all over America we watched Miss America pageant. That’s the model that’s what I gotta be like. They were supposed to feel comfortable in high heels and bathing suits parading around while men whistled, if not they must be crazy, they must be frigid or um they must be ssssshh hu ha lesbians.’

Katie Couric

‘Women are walking a very difficult tightrope and trying to manage a very difficult balance..’

Ellen DeGeneres

‘..It was a odd thing for a woman to be a comedian..’

Eve Ensler

”I think if you tell the story of your vagina, you tell the story of your life in some fundamental way..”

Martha Stewart

‘I think feminism or the feminist movement has been absolutely important to the promotion of women as equal in the society..’

Alice Walker

‘Misogyny is everywhere..’

Hillary Rodham Clinton

‘..21st century is about ending the pervasive discrimination and degradation of women and fulfilling their full rights..’