A unique protest against pollution

You may not like Chinese philanthropist and environmentalist Chen Guangbiao, I like him. He has been selling canned fresh air to fight pollution.
Chen said, “Every day we are inhaling the exhaust fumes of cars, and now we have pollution-free air to sell – a benefit to everyone’s health and longevity.”

Canned fresh air is selling well in China. Chen believes a sale of more than a hundred million in the first year should not be a problem. He actually wanted to make a point that China’s air was turning so bad that the idea of bottled fresh air is no longer a luxury.
Beijing’s air pollution reached danger levels. Shanghai, Guangzhou and some other Chinese cities are also dangerously polluted.

China is the most polluted country in the world. Estimated 2011 CO2 Emissions in metric tonnes in:
1. China 8.7 billion
2. USA 5.42 billion
3. India 1.97 billion
4. Russia 1.83 billion
5. Japan 1.24 billion
6. Germany 810 million
7. South Korea 610 million
8. Canada 560 million
9. Indonesia 490 million
10. United Kingdom 470 million

Time has come to sell canned fresh air in other polluted countries.