The brain!

”Researchers have developed a process that renders an intact mouse brain transparent. By replacing the opaque fatty components in the brain with a transparent hydrogel, the wiring and molecular structure of the brain become clear to see with visible light and chemicals. The research opens a door to new imaging techniques that could potentially be applied to human organs.”

Brains are now as clear as Jell-O.

Aren’t we curious to learn more about the brain, the most interesting and fascinating complex thing in the universe!

Yep, we can fool the brain.

It is about brain to brain information sharing.

One rat thinks. Other rat reacts. Or, one rat brain talks to another using electronic link. The brain implants allows sensory and motor signals to be sent from one rat to another. The second rat works as a biological or organic computer, a computer in which numerous brains can be connected.

Today it’s rats. Tomorrow it will be humans.

Scientists said,

“We will have a way to exchange information across millions of people without using keyboards or voice recognition devices or the type of interfaces that we normally use today.”

But we have to put electrodes right at the brain sites to get information into the brain.

We already know that paralyzed people control robotic arms using brain-computer interface. Today’s study is about transmiting information from one brain to another.

Humans will use this method for themselves someday. I know it will not happen in my lifetime. But I can imagine a world with full of walking computers. The world will definitely look much different than today’s world in 100 years.