Asteroid coming close to Earth

An asteroid will buzz Earth next week,
missing our planet by only 27,700 kilometers, making it the closest flyby in history. Asteroid hunters are trying to save our lives. But whenever I hear that an asteroid is coming towards us, I close my eyes and see that ‘dense clouds of dust blocking the sun’s rays, darkening and chilling Earth to deadly levels for us. The frigid and sweltering climatic extremes are causing the extinction of humans and almost all plants and animals.’

Oh My Goosebumps! It suffocates me!

Wonders of the Universe!

Scientists say:

Asteroid Toutatis will not hit Earth. The 4 3-km long asteroid circles the sun in an orbit that is very closely aligned with Earth’s, making it a potentially hazardous object for the future. The asteroid will pass about 7 million km from Earth, about 18 times farther away than the moon. A large asteroid that flies in nearly the same orbit as Earth will make a close pass by the planet, but there’s no chance of an impact – at least for hundreds of years.

We should not get worried. We will not die out so soon. We will get some more time to know more about our magnificent Universe.