9/11 and Muslims!

Tahir Aslam Gora, a Pakistani free thinker experienced everything I experienced. Many Muslims believe 9/11 has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. They still like to believe a bunch of bizarre conspiracy theories.

It’s said that a majority of Muslims have been hijacked by a tiny percentage of Islamic extremists. But it’s also true that many Muslims consider the incidents of September 11, 2001, to have been staged by the Bush administration, the CIA, Jews, etc.

The question arises as to why a majority of Muslims would assume that nothing bad could be delivered by Muslims? And why have many Muslims related all bad things to the United States, other western countries and Israel?

Some of the answers by many Muslims to such questions:

The West and Israel did it to undermine the name of Islam
Muslims are not that high tech that they could have created such a catastrophe
The Bush administration did so to gain more control over Middle East resources, etc.

In order to justify such answers, they present Michael Moore’s or Robert Fisk’s conspiracy theories, or Noam Chomsky’s political philosophies.

Islamic extremists are the true Muslims, they strictly follow Islamic rules. Majority Muslims would have organized a mass movement against Islamists if they did not sympathize with them.

Religion stops a thinking mind. Without having a thinking mind, you can’t go beyond the conspiracy theories. Without a thinking mind, you justify all the violence against humanity in the name of something nonsense.

Illiterate Muslims get easily influenced by the Islamic extremists, but the literate Muslims get influenced by the leftist intellectuals who are the biggest apologists for political Islam.

The notion of majority Muslims being silent is difficult to grasp. They are, in fact, quite vocal, just not very clear. And if they are hijacked or distracted by the tiny extremist class, why is it so? Why are they so helpless in raising their voices? Do they even have their own voices? It doesn’t seem so, since they are distracted by that small percentage of Islamic extremists. There is a fear that Islamist points of view on various issues are close to their hearts.

Today on the eve of 11th anniversary of 911, someone from the same “silent majority” has written on Facebook, “Happy 11th anniversary of 9/11 attacks everyone… may Allah swt bring many more attacks on those coward terrorist American kuffar and other kuffar and their lapdog apostate allies around the world. May Allah swt help the Muslims, release our Prisoners… and give us victory. Ameen.”

This is not a good sign for this so-called silent majority. The silent majority is not supposed to be on the side of such hostile and violent views. It doesn’t matter if they agree with the West on each and every issue. What matters is they need to clear their thinking and rid their minds of conventional rivalry plans with the rest of the world.

I witnessed how Muslims in Bangladesh changed. In 60’s and 70’s, Muslims were secular and socialists. In 80’s, they started becoming conservative and religious because of the Islamization of the country. In 90’s, Islamists were given the power by military rulers. After 9/11, majority Muslims have become Islamists, they may not wear a beard or pray five times a day.
Some other Muslim countries, I believe, went through the similar going down process.