The Cat.

She is Minu, my adopted daughter.

She is an extraordinary cat. I wrote books on her. A famous film maker is going to make a film about her life. Many articles were written about her philosophy. She had a solo TV show. It was about her football. She was an excellent football player a couple years ago.
She is curious, courageous, fearless, adventurous, undaunted!
My friends say, ‘she is your daughter. Her characters are exactly like yours. It’s all about genetic inheritance.’

I am having chondromalacia on my knee joints. In the meantime Minu started having knee pain. She has been limping on her back legs for three weeks. Some X-rays are done. Her vet says, she has some degenerative changes in her knee joints. Obviously, she got my genes.
It is now terribly painful for her to walk.
I can have pain killer whenever I get pain.
She can not. Pain killer is poison for cats.

Some say, put her in sleep. I say, no.
I take her to different vets almost everyday to find some hope and to get her a better treatment.
People hate cats here. They love dogs but not desi dogs. They love Western dogs.
Probably vets do not know much about cats. Degenerative changes in her knees! Come on, she is only seven and half. Not even eight. The changes start after 12.
Some vets say, may be she has ligament sprains or tendonitis or blood parasites or disc prolapse! I do not know the reason of her pain. I will be the happiest person if treatments are available.

I will die if she dies.

The techie cat loves to sleep near computers.


Her favourite subject: Physics.

She is taking a little nap.

She is doing research.

Picture 162
A little siesta.

She got fever.

Reading newspaper while sitting on the veranda.

It’s winter. She covers herself with a warm blanket.

But she keeps throwing off her blanket.

She is reading history.

Islamists often issue fatwas against me. She is looking for a hiding place for me just in case.

She is reading my autobiography.

Studying philosophy.

Editing nirbason (exile), my latest book.

Sometimes she enjoys watching people’s circus.


Taking sunbath.


She has her own computer. Now facebooking. Her twitter account is @TaslimasCat


Just finished reading the book. Now thinking.


She wants a bigger library.


She watches her favourite TV show before going to sleep.

I can’t say goodbye to her.