Women are banned.

I like what an English journalist said,’The Unites States has routinely criticized some countries for the disenfranchisement of women and human rights abuse. It, however, does not criticize its close ally Saudi Arabia for its blatant discrimination against women.’

Saudi Arabia covers women’s bodies, from head to toe. Now it wants to covers women’s eyes, the only thing women have been allowed to keep uncovered. Women need to have eyes open because they need to see things, for example, the traffic signals while they walk in the streets. The essential eyes are now banned, because Saudi dicks get erected if they see any little body parts of women including eyes. Saudi men would rape women if women do not hide their bodies,and eyes.

Women are banned in Saudi society. They are invisible, ignored, insulted and terribly hated. Their eyes are banned too.

I don’t understand why Saudi Arabia keeps women alive. Why don’t they let all women die? Is it because Saudi men need to fuck them?


    • GregB says

      I suppose I could, if I weren’t on a computer that makes this difficult.

      Anyway, it’s generally good form to quote sources and names when possible (that might not always
      be the case, though it seem so here).

  1. Jockaira says

    Opposing Views [Taslima’s cited website] reports that women who have eyes “with a nice shape and makeup” could be deemed too tempting to other men, and police can make them wear veils. Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice announced this decision a few days ago…no divide between Church and State exists in Saudi Arabia. The bad part is that the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has powerful “backers” that include Prince Naif, the heir to the nation’s throne. He announced that the committee “should be supported because it is a pillar from Islam.”

    I have visited an official Saudi Arabian government website to confirm the “Five Pillars of Islam”. That website informs that those five pillars are:

    Shahadah [public avowal of faith in Allâh (God) ],
    Salah [prayer as defined and mandated by the Qur’ân],
    Zakat [almsgiving and other unselfish acts of social responsibility],
    Sahm [religious fasting as mandated by the Qur’ân],
    Hajj [religious pilgrimage to Makkah if able at some point in life].

    I presume that since “no divide between Church and State exists in Saudi Arabia” therefore the Saudi Arabian government’s definition of the Five Pillars of Islam is final and without further qualification.

    Prince Naïf has said the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice “should be supported because it is a pillar from Islam.” The Prince’s statement is obviously at least an error, at most apostasy, heresy, and an insult to Islam, Allâh, the Qur’ân, and of course to the government of Saudi Arabia, the foremost defender and proponent of Islam in the world.

    As such, I call for the immediate arrest of Prince Naïf, and a thorough investigation of his lies, as well as his personal life and finances. Should he be found guilty of any or all of the charges above, he should suffer the full power of Sharíah judgement and the appropriate punishment of Allâh.

  2. JAZ says

    》”……because Saudi dicks get erected”
    Why you go from eyes directly to dicks? Do you like it more than Bengali dicks?
    》”…… because Saudi men need to fuck them?”
    Again you seem to be impatient for the Saudis to notice you….

  3. divyank srivastava says

    totally justified with ur lines..
    nd if saudi mens loose thr self cntrl thn y parda z implemented fr girls….it must b fr mens eyes…

  4. n. oneill says

    Saudi men are not allowed to play with themselves It is the will of Allah that muslim men must use all sexual energy for Work and War – the Two True pillars of Islam. Other so called pillars of Islam are merely suggestions.

  5. Sanjay Sharma says

    Respected Madam
    I have read your two books Biography and Lajja, not find a writer who reacated against strong social system with live experience, study and reasoning. Madam you are great. Your concept will be enlightened Islamic society also. It will take time. The fanatic society is in similar position like Mediavel Europe.

  6. subhash says

    I fail to understand what Saudi women do why not they teach to there son or brother at least so that change can be state from home

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