Killing women is not a crime

Killing women is not considered a crime in Pakistan.

Farzana Parveen, 25, was killed in Lahore by her family members last month because she married a man against her family wish.

Pakistani police officers will be investigated because they didn’t intervene when Parveen was publicly beaten to death with bricks.

Such killings often originate from tribal traditions in Pakistan and usually happen in rural areas, not large cities such as Lahore. Human rights activists said bystanders, including police, often don’t intervene because the killings are considered family matters.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said 869 women were victims of honor killing last year in the nation of about 180 million people. The actual number is of course much higher.

Nothing is easier in this world than killing women.
Farzana’s husband said he killed his first wife in order to marry Farzana. If Farzana were not killed by her father and uncles, she would have been killed by her husband. The man who is able to kill his first wife, is able to kill his second wife.

Farzana would not have enjoyed her life if she were alive because she was a woman. Millions of Farzanas get killed for being women. Men’s misogynistic mindset is responsible for the suffering of women. Misogynistic mindset will continue to remain until men collectively get rid of it. I do not think they will ever stop hating women. Or may be they will. But sure not in our lifetime.


  1. latsot says

    I’ve seen a few articles about this. The husband genuinely seems to think he is the injured party, as if he’d torched his first… oh, let’s say car… because he didn’t like it then someone else destroyed the replacement car. How’s he going to drive around now?

    And of course Farzana’s family think they’re the injured party.

    Two parties were indeed injured. The ones that were also murdered. But there will be plenty of people who feel sorry for Farzana’s husband because he’s lost a possession.

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