God in flames! Blasphemous music video!

Muslims are saying that ‘Dark Horse’ music video is blasphemous.
“Dark Horse,” is sparking harsh reactions from the international Muslim community for disrespecting a symbol representing their God, Allah.

A petition launched Tuesday on Change.org is urging supporters of Islam as well as other religions, to ask YouTube to remove the “blasphemous” music video. Thus far, the petition has received 35,000 signatures.
Perry portrays an animated representation of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, and she is seen using her powers to destroy those who oppose her. One character in the video is seen wearing a religious symbol around his neck, who she then zaps into a pile of sand, along with his pendant.

“At 01:15 into the video Dark Horse; a man is shown being burned, whilst wearing a pendant (also burned) forming the word ‘Allah’, which is the Arabic word for God,” says the online petition.

A man wearing a pendant forming the word Allah was turned into a pile of sand in the video. Muslims are sure that this video is a blasphemous video. They believe that Islam would be saved if the video gets vanished.

Islam-believers are becoming increasingly insane. Is it because we fulfill all their devilish demands, satisfy all their weird wishes and make all their dreams come true? I think it is time to stop treating them as spoilt children. Better we should treat them as responsible adults. And if they don’t behave next time, we should seriously teach them how to behave.


  1. says

    I don’t usually watch stuff like that, is it usually so pretentious?
    Also I couldn’t see the details of the pendant.
    So how much of a stretch was it for them to see the word ‘Allah’?

  2. lorn says

    It must suck to be a Muslim, having to be constantly aware and alert for any sign, real, implied or imagined, of disrespect or blasphemy. Not to mention having to worship a second-class God and prophet. Figures so weak and inconsequential that they cannot bear any disrespect, real or imagined, no matter how small. To be forced by events to worship and hold high such thin skinned petulant weaklings must be a crushing blow to one’s own self-respect.

  3. Albert Bakker says

    And so islam has been victorious once again to the detriment of everything actually worth preserving. The blasphemous pendant has been removed from the clip and so it seems mr. Iqbal’s minute of fame has ended. New causes to provoke the devoutly indignant muslims into action have to be found. This will not be hard. There are so much things to choose from that are unbearably hurtful to sincerely held religious feelings and makes muslim blood boil: cartoons, t-shirts, women starting their own business, mild criticism, the possibilities are endless.

    Though endless is perhaps too great a word. There are limits.

    The chance of Nigerian coreligionists mass-murdering children and burning them alive as being among the things that possibly could be insulting to sincerely held religious sentiments held by devout muslims can probably safely be ignored. As this was exactly a simultaneous event with the inadvertent 1.2 seconds of blood-curdling video-editing blasphemy on a YouTube music video that had to be censored cost what it may cost, the islamic moral universe is once more demonstrated to be an absolute affront to humanity.

  4. Maria de Lourdes says

    LOL this video is an insult by istself.What a bad taste….but why Egypty is not offended?I guess they are the people who could complain….and like someone said here,i couldn´t note the dark horse neither….and honestly,it play an insignificant whole in the video.Muslin are really insane.


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