1. jaffafac says

    All 4 of these men should have the same done to them, beat them up and worse just like they are doing to that woman

  2. lorn says

    Looks to me like somewhere between four and seven men have gone feral, lost their capacity for empathy and self control. Time to scoop them up, restrain them so they can cause no more problems, and decide if they can be rehabilitated. If they can be rehumanized and retaught how to reliably maintain empathy and self control they can be released.

    If they cannot be rehabilitated they should have their hormone mix rejiggered to promote more pro-social behavior. For males the primary method of adjusting their hormones is to remove the testicles. It is well established that with beeves, sheep or humans the removal of the testicles has a calming and socializing effect.

    It is a well understood and effective technology with a history of several thousand years.

  3. অভিজিৎ (OV) says

    It is so sad & shame for whole society. look at that lady , she got her sleepers in hand, that means she had been running & these four cowards ran after her. what those police men has been doing far there?. it has become an instinct of coward men, when they see a lady helpless, they never fail to take advantage of the situation.

  4. says

    This looks like America after the police stop someone on the street that dares ask them why they are being stopped and questioned. I’m not trying to make light of how woman are treated horribly today in many places of the world, I just like to bring if back to the USA, because many Americans point at behavior like in this picture and compare it to the USA saying “See, that doesn’t happen here”, all the while it does; woman are raped in the military constantly, teen girls who try to tell others they were raped by the bighschool football hero get attacked, humiliated, some even take their own life. It all boils down to the three main religions ruining the world, all woman-hating and evil!

  5. N.B.Viswan says

    Taslima, is it the way the people in Bangladesh treat women? What respect these youngsters give to their mothers and sisters. It is heartening to watch this type of hooliganism. We do not understand the stand taken by the Government of Bangladesh against these type of activities. Or should we believe that the law and order situation is in bad shape.

  6. Maria de Lourdes says

    In Brazil,things don´t improve because no one wants to punish men,no one including feminists.They feel sorry for the barbaric sexist men,they think we women must always forgive,must see them as “poor society victim”.We won´t go to any where if men can do whatever they wish with us and in the end,they are “victim”.I belive it happens everywhere in the world,men can´t be hated,can´t be pusnished,but they can rape,they can kill us freely,nobody cares! In the end,they say they love us!! unbeliveble and cruel.

  7. sadaf says

    its social issues, so raise the status of morality , no logic to condemn any religion. socity is comprised of many factors, religion is a factor of society. . so make this factor strong, you will gt better result. As when poverty is increases u do developments in economic factor of religion rather than criticizing another factor.

  8. jayeshji says

    Welcome to India and if we Hindus share any similarities with Muslims then it’s because we suffered at the the hands of Islamic invasion, that created you a Muslim now ex Muslim and we need to clear that out of India.

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