Wish there were no religion

Hindu-Muslim violence flares in Northern India. 38 people are killed.







Politicians divided India in 1947 to make Hindus and Muslims live peacefully. 65 years passed, they haven’t found peace yet.
Politicians still make use of religious sentiments to attract votes. They do not really give a damn about any damn peace.


  1. busterggi says

    When you absolutely, positively cannot find any rational reason to hate & kill your neighbors there’ always religion to depend on for justification.

    • NotYou says

      I agree with you. And like to add that it is the
      Typical Religious belief that makes people to say:
      ‘Our’ ppl & ‘Their’ ppl
      ‘Our’ man & ‘Their’ man
      ‘Our’ caste & ‘Their’ caste
      ‘Our’ …. & ‘Their’ ….
      & etc.,…

  2. says

    I too hope for a world free from religion for similar enough reasons Taslima, well written! Religion is the biggest scam ever, give to us by non-human intelligences (robotic drones from other place) to divide humanity and get it to kill itself off in stages over history. Religion is such a scam for rich assholes to exploit us and make money. Humanity should get rid of religion, because it’s an evil deception!

  3. Bakul Sova says

    I want Sm. Taslima Nasreen may come back to our Bangla and live in Kolkata. Sm. Mamata Banerjee is Working to make Sonar Bangla from the Ruins made by CPM Govt. in past 34 yrs. She is Diferent from other Politicians ; she must take action to bring back Taslima to Bangla. Most of the Mollas and Imams are talking unjust and working unjust.
    General Muslim People knows Mamata Banerjee. So, there will not be any problem in getting Votes.
    Mamata must not be afraid of not getting Muslim Votes. She got the Power and now all people know— what she is and how she is working for People.
    Now, she should take the Path of TRUTH and JUSTICE.. so that Taslima may live her life in her beloved Bangla !

    • UJJAL says

      I hate astrology. But I am sure Ms Mamata Banerjee will NEVER take ANY initiative to bring back Dr Taslima.

      You are completely mistaken on what politics can do. The CPIM govt drove out Dr Taslima, and now that TMC is wanting to coax the muslim communitity, they would in no context even raise Dr Taslima issue.

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