A woman was stoned to death for having a mobile phone.

In Pakistan, a woman called Arifa was stoned to death for having a mobile phone.

They have made Arifa stand in a hole in the courtyard.
There she stands submerged to her waist with head hanging.
They’re throwing stones at Arifa
Those stones are striking my body.
Stones are striking my head, forehead, chest and back,
They are throwing stones and laughing aloud, laughing and shouting abuse.

Arifa’s fractured forehead pours out blood, mine also.
Arifa’s eyes have burst, mine also.
Arifa’s nose has been smashed, mine also.
Through Arifa’s torn breasts, her heart has been pierced, mine also.

Are these stones not striking you?

They’re laughing aloud, laughing and stroking their beards.
There are caps, stuck to their heads, they too are shaking with laughter.
They’re laughing and swinging their walking sticks.
From the quiver of their cruel eyes,
Arrows speed to pierce her body,
My body also.

Are these arrows not piercing your body?

(Video: Woman stoned to death for having a relationship)


  1. Not You says

    y dont u open up special types of ngos to protect as well as 2 stand in front of all oppressed women or to stop ne kind of oppression?
    By writing blogs you only can aware some reader of wats going on here & dere. Isnt it?

  2. fork says


    I didn’t watch this stoning, as I made the mistake another time of clicking on a stoning video, and to deliberately watch another one would be, I feel, gratuitous. The written description is enough to bear witness to this atrocity.
    But I wondered, as I watched that other video, how many of those guys had boners . . . There did seem to be a sense of enjoyment and enthusiasm in the task.

  3. Jeanette says

    Here is yet ANOTHER example of the evil that MEN do to women. Fork and Trillion, thank you for showing that my words are true. Men love to call women who are AWARE of the evil of men crazy, insane, lesbians (not that being called that word upsets me in the least), Feminnazis, man-haters, (true), misandrists (true again). I am not afraid to tell the truth. Thank you, Taslima for exposing the atrocities against women and girls that men so carelessly committ on a daily, and hourly basis. Even every SECOND a woman or girl is being abused by a MAN in this patriarchal world. This video shows the truth-men hate women. If they had any compassion, or feelings of true LOVE for women, these stonings would not happen. Stonings, and other violent crimes against women just would NOT exist. But, unfortunately, they do, and in astounding numbers. My sisters, I ask you not to EVER defend men. Sadly, many of you do this, and have defended them publicly, in private, or to me personally. I am on your side. Together, we must continue to fight for our rights as HUMAN BEINGS. We must continue to fight for the rights that we DESERVE, and should be BORN WITH. Men do not have to fight for the right to carry a cellphone, to vote, to breathe. We still DO. THAT, in fact is a crime in itself. These stonings are just the tip of the iceberg. These stonings, child abuse, rape, sexual assault, murder, mental torture, forced marriages, the Taliban, female genital mutilation, etc are being committed by our brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, the “nice guy” down the hall where we live, etc. It is scary, and it is real. I speak the truth, and shall do it until I can speak no more…

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