Pakistan is the country which not only makes the world cry, but it also makes the world laugh.

Muslims eat halal food, now they need halal google. They launched halalgoogling.

Muslim search engine ‘Halalgoogling’ launched.

A Muslim search engine that blocks forbidden content as per Islamic law has been launched. The press release said that ‘Halalgoogling’ gives results from leading search engines such as Google and Bing.

It added that the search engine has a built-in advanced special filtering system that blocks Haram content according to the Law of Islam.

According to the Express Tribune, a special and unique filter system in the search engine excludes forbidden content from its search results such as pornography, nudity, gay, lesbian, bisexual, gambling, anti-Islamic content.

The system has been designed to respect Muslim culture, the report stated.

Halalgoogling’s filtering system blocks pornography. But we know that despite being strongly intolerant of gay and lesbian people, Pakistan leads in the world for the most Google searches for gay porn. They search for hardcore straight porn as well. In this situation halal porn can easily be made for Muslims in Pakistan, porn actresses just have to wear burqas. As polygamy is allowed in Islam, Mutah marriage is allowed, why shouldn’t porn be allowed! Banning porn in Muslim countries doesn’t really make sense. If the prophet knew about internet porn, I am pretty sure, he would never have thought of banning it. He rather would have enjoyed it. Bin Laden, the world famous follower of the prophet was an admirer of porn films.

Everything can be Islamized or halalized. Even a murder. You just have to say ‘in the name of Allah I am committing a crime or killing him or her or them. Allah is great’, the murder will be halalized. This is exactly the way animal slaughter is halalized. What if Pakistanis search for the sites how to make bombs, how to be suicide bombers, how to hate and kill non-Muslims,ex-Muslims,Christians, Jews,Buddhists, Hindus? These sites have never been banned in Pakistan. Watching nudity is unIslamic, murdering people isn’t. Scary, isn’t it?

Religion is such a joke!


  1. roger ivanhart says

    Does the banning of pornography include sex with camels? There again, if sex with camels is not banned for men but only banned for women, how will they tell if a woman has registered under her own name?

    Gosh, this could get SO complicated! Lol

  2. Satita says

    Holy Crap !!!
    Wish there could a Halalized mind of pakis. where Gay-porn is haram, not Gun points, showing Big boobs are Haram , not Big Bombs, Body Massage videos are haram not Bodies Massacre …. that State Filter must be renovated quickly or Prophet Md is needed ! Coz Porn is less harmful than Mass-killing… Religion may be a joke but not the Lives of people. Filtering one’s mind is more effective than ‘Halalgoogling’ and all crap !

  3. A Hermit says

    It’s always seemed strange to me how violence is more acceptable then sex; Of course this isn’t unique to Muslim cultures. I remember looking for a video to rent with my then young son in tow and noticing that the images on the covers of the video boxes right at his eye level included bloody torture victims, dismemberment and decaying bodies. But even in those pictures great care was taken to never show so much as an exposed nipple…

  4. says

    Yeah, violence is always more acceptable to the religious than nudity.

    The prudery of the religious is astonishing. Probably the most-damaging part of the poison that is religion is the insistence that god cares about human sexual behavior.

  5. sillose says

    well it makes sense. you kinda need violence to spread religion properly. dont want to control that too tightly, but sex feels good (so people are going to do it), and the different ways people can/cant have it could lead to questioning of social structures-most importantly, traditions, which could lead to some very (for a religion) existentially dangerous questions.

  6. Md Alimuzzaman says

    Thanks for such a thoughtful writing.

    I’m just wondering here if the writer could also point out a way for Pakistani people ” How they can make halal necrophilia ”?. Should it be the way to put on burqa over the dead body and then make it halal for sleeping with them………. ?

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