1. Rod says

    This in a country where some 600 mostly women workers were killed when their workplace collapsed.
    Where an engineer declared the building unsafe but the owner ignored the warning and sent everyone back in.

    Seems their priorities are skewed, to say the least….

    • riaj bd says

      yes your conception is right but the problems not only in collapsed building also most workplace of garments is not safe.
      the owner of these garments always think profits

  2. riaj bd says

    Bangladesh is such a country where all time from its birth
    every govt. who ruled/ruling Bangladesh no one is for their public.
    in democracy public is government,
    government is public.
    but in bangladesh as a democratic country no one is like that
    they are after power and money.
    worlds no one corrupted country it was, now might be two or three

    in bangladesh there are many types of Islamic people
    one of fourth people are fully Islamic mind I think they are on right way as I passed many times with them
    other Islamic party who are wrong educated in jihad (war against anti-islam)
    we shouldn’t blame only the Islam.
    in my research I see that bangladesh first problem was poverty.
    Yesss this poverty created more like islamic terrorism,corruption, mass-population,
    illiteracy etc.
    though we said we are living in free
    but bengali always will wait for govt. who will be for all

  3. left0ver1under says

    As I’ve said before elsewhere:

    When a religion is a minority, it’s peaceful.

    When a religion is the largest (but less than 50%), it’s violent.

    When a religion has the majority, it’s genocidal.

  4. Francisco Bacopa says

    You know a bunch of fundie Christians got boners or moist vaginas watching this. They have fatwah envy. This is what they want America to become.

    Fundie Christians in the US dream of days like this. They want to rape you, torture you, and kill you. Every atheist in the US should look to Bangladesh as an example of what they dream of doing to us

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