Good boys were turned into bad boys because of religion

Here is the full story of how good boys turn into bad boys because of religion.

The family started struggling since 1940s. Joseph Stalin was their enemy. They were uprooted from their own land and were forced to live in exile. They were ethnic minorities everywhere. Despite all their exiles and insecurities, good boys were sent to good schools to become better boys. They called themselves Muslims but they were not practicing Muslims, they were not even veiled Muslims. Then Islam came in its unpolished form and destroyed everything. It brought blindness, veils, unreason. Good boys became bad boys. Very very bad boys. They became mass murderers.

Religion is such a powerful evil!


  1. Dilruba Tariq says

    Hello Madam! My name is Dilruba and i’m suffocating because my mother and sister are always trying to get me into religious programs. I think they work together to make me go to these programs. I know my religion is a good and logical one but I’m just not ready to follow all the rules, so I prefer not to get involved. Besides I dnt think my mother is a proper Muslim either, I just don’t like them. Please respond to me! I really need help here…..

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