A beautiful poem!

I am a big fan of Cuttlefish poetry. I read his dinosaur poem an hour ago. Then I was silent for a few minutes. My eyes got wet. Then I read it again and again.

The dinosaur told me “be careful”
The dinosaur told me “beware”
The dinosaur told me “it’s happened before,
And the universe just doesn’t care”

The dinosaur told me “Extinction
Is the safest, conservative bet”
The dinosaur told me “don’t think you’re immune
Just because it has not happened yet.”

The dinosaur gave me a warning
She told me to share it with you
It won’t be an asteroid this time around—
We’ll be killed by the things that we do

The dinosaur pointed to history
And biology books on the shelves
The dinosaur told me what’s different this time
Is, we’re doing it all by ourselves

The dinosaur told me “be careful”
The dinosaur told me “it’s true”
The dinosaur said, “it’s a fight to the death,
And the enemy this time… is you.”

Cuttlefish is right. We are our own worst enemy. We are killing innocent animals, destroying the environment, we are cheating on ourselves, we are gangraping and murdering almost everything we have found on the planet. As a species, we are, no doubt, are the cruelest, the most vicious!


  1. Woman Being says

    This reminds me of that warning, if you wipe out all the bees, human beings would soon die, but if you wipe out all the human beings, EVERY other species would flourish.
    And yet still we use pesticides, killing the bees.

    Truly we are a destructive species.

    • says

      well said @Woman Being . We are , no doubt, a destructive species, very wrongly called ‘The most developed species!” No development but size and mass by killing other species, day by day. Very alarming, indeed ! Thanks Taslima di for posting such a poem and Thanks a ton to @Cuttlefish for creating such a masterpiece ! WE need such type of awareness oriented poem or prose in todays world.

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