Don’t force children to be religious.

Let your children enjoy their childhood. Don’t force them to believe in your religion. Let them choose for themselves when they become 18. Don’t label them Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu etc. They deserve to have their rights and freedom.

Hindu boy3

A child is forced to be a Hindu.


A child is forced to be a Zoroastran.


A child is forced to be a Buddhist.


A child is forced to be a Jew.


A child is forced to be a Christian.

Muslim child

A child is forced to be a Muslim.


A child is forced to be a Mormon.


Children are forced to be Sikhs.


A child is forced to be a Scientologist.


  1. mvemjsun says

    In my opinion it is child abuse. Most religions scare kids with horror stories of what god will do to them if they do not behave exactly as the religion tells them to. That is a lot of stress for a kid who is likely to believe it is true because an adult said so.

    • left0ver1under says

      I once heard it said that children are molested with religion. I like using that because of what it accurately infers. The full text of it went something like this:

      Prayer is akin to masturbation.
      Church is akin to group sex.
      Proselytizing is akin to sexual harassment and rape.
      Indocrinating children is akin to child molestation.

  2. Biswajit Sarkar says

    This is so true. Unfortunately we took it granted. We were never given a chance to decide our religion. In fact we learned (trained) to believe (practice) all superstitions including religion rituals from our home.

  3. Leiningen's Ants says

    Long time reader, so I should know by now that some of the images I find ’round here will be less a breath of fresh air and more like a day in downtown Beijing… but really.

    You may as well have posted eight images of a child being hit in the face with a brick by an adult. Got the same reaction out of me anyways.

    Religion is a crime against humanity. against everything good and right in this world, against nature itself. Thanks for the reminder. Honestly, the world needs it.

  4. left0ver1under says

    Religions push children to start believing for the same reason cigarette companies push kids to start smoking. They know that if they don’t get them hooked before age 20, they’ll never get them. You have to get to them when they’re young and lack the maturity and education to know better.

  5. ReenaLahiri says

    We oppose Conversion ! But can we deny
    social strata? These are inherent part of
    our life ! If we negate all these things
    we may be another type of fanatics! Loud
    Declaration /oppressive thrusting upon is
    always condemnable but individual
    difference is the sociological foundation !

    • Leiningen's Ants says

      Inherent by whom? Who lied and told you that “differences” between human beings aren’t purely artificial and superficial? Have you made that person apologize to you? Or am I letting questions that lead to being socialist barge in on a conversation about godlessness?

      Also, nice ninth image! But watch out, those guys might not kill you for disbelieving in Xenu and souls-via-volcanos, but they’ll litigate with all the energy they save not wielding machetes.

      Where’s the “Unitarian Universalist Child?” They raised me so well when I was five years old and asked why we go to church, we stopped going. 😀 Best question I ever asked my parents. Best parents I could ever ask for.

    • Agni_B says

      You can disregard all the hogwash of Atheism, secularism or any other ‘ism’ and visualise the ground reality of today. Imagine India without Hinduism/ Buddhism. What image would it generate in your mind? A lurid portrayal of another hell hole like Pak or Arabia?

      Reform as much as necessary but must protect and nurture Hinduism. Your children and India need more doses of Hinduism to save itself from extinction. Learn from past history, prepare young generation to be proud Hindu and ready to fight any battle.

      Without the Hindu guidance they will be victim of more conversion. Soft, meek Hindu tradition attracts all the missionaries of the world.

      It can’t be compared with other Abrahamic religion. Hindus don’t really care what god someone else worships since they believe that God comes in many forms and is everywhere – so they have no conflict with other ways of worshipping god – pretty enlightened religion in this regard

      “After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophic, and none so spiritual as the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. The more you know it, the more you will love it; the more you try to understand it, the more deeply you will value it. Make no mistake; without Hinduism, India has no future”

      “And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism, who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India, and India and Hinduism are one.” — Annie Besant (1847-1933), English theosophist

      • raheel ahmad says

        In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most compassionate.

        Dear brother,
        I respect you, but one thing we should belonging to any religion keep in mind that whenever a case comes to any court in the world both the people are heard, if I start saying my religion is right and you start saying yours is… then there is no point in that discussion. conclusion we should first complete our knowledge and research
        Dr raheel ahmad.

  6. mary lou riccio says

    I believe God gave us free will and I took my children to church to learn what it is about. After they were
    teens, they were given the opportunity to choose to believe and join church if they so desired. Not forced.
    To not do so would be akin to not introducing them to math out of a fear they would be forced to use it.

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