Yep, we can fool the brain.

It is about brain to brain information sharing.

One rat thinks. Other rat reacts. Or, one rat brain talks to another using electronic link. The brain implants allows sensory and motor signals to be sent from one rat to another. The second rat works as a biological or organic computer, a computer in which numerous brains can be connected.

Today it’s rats. Tomorrow it will be humans.

Scientists said,

“We will have a way to exchange information across millions of people without using keyboards or voice recognition devices or the type of interfaces that we normally use today.”

But we have to put electrodes right at the brain sites to get information into the brain.

We already know that paralyzed people control robotic arms using brain-computer interface. Today’s study is about transmiting information from one brain to another.

Humans will use this method for themselves someday. I know it will not happen in my lifetime. But I can imagine a world with full of walking computers. The world will definitely look much different than today’s world in 100 years.


  1. says

    transmitting information from one brain to another is nodoubt 1 of d greatest inventions of modern science.but hope there will be a ‘willing2send data’ option 2 zip up secret..may robotic techic not snatch human qualities,few left in us..

  2. The Lorax says

    It’s just a matter of time. Brain-machine interface is the next step. I doubt brain surgery is going to be a fad any time soon, but computers controlled by thought is probably only a few decades away.

  3. aziraphale says

    I can see very bad things coming from this.

    First, anyone convicted of a violent crime should have an implant which, if they again have violent impulses, informs the police. Why, not, if it will save lives?
    Next, suppose someone’s first violent crime is a murder. Wouldn’t that be terrible? Clearly everyone should have the implant.
    Next, suppose some people can hide their violent intentions even from themselves? We need to protect against that. Terrorists tend to be political radicals, so we’ll monitor for radicalism…

    Best not even start on that road.

    And yes, these thoughts are inspired by Robert Sheckley’s lovely story “Watchbird”.

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