Cheers Ireland!

I love Ireland for its long struggle against colonialist, for its music, for its literature, theater, cinema, for its beautiful landscape, its lovely people!

I did not like Ireland because it was so religious that it did not allow women to divorce, and it did not allow abortion!

I have now started loving Ireland much more than before because Ireland puts its faith in education, not religion.

People in Ireland prioritise education above all else. They are are most unhappy with the country’s health services, and rank religion and spirituality as the least important thing in their lives. Of the 119 priority options presented to respondents, eight of the top 10 items listed related to education and learning. The quality of the education system; literacy levels; universities and third-level education; and early childhood education topped the priority rankings in that order. The ranking of religion and spirituality, which respondents placed last of all 119 priority options, despite the country’s once strong Catholic identity.

Like other countries, Ireland is becoming less religious. Unbelievable, but true.

Cheers Ireland!


  1. AVIJIT DAS says

    Really Nice to see..this ! short article but says everything..every country must follow this. I don’t think it’s unbelievable. At least for me it’s believable because I believe ultimately one has to believe the reality for the sake of improvement, education & for the betterment of the country. One has to agree one day that feeding milk to a hungry child is better than the waste of one liter milk for religion’s better for every country to follow the path of Ireland sooner rather than latter !

    • stever says

      It’s not really black. Raise that glass to the sun and you’ll see that it’s a very dark shade of red.

      Ireland came to my attention when I discovered Celtic Woman, lovely Irish ladies who sing like angels. Yes, I’m an atheist, but I can think of no better brief description. Look then up on YouTube.

  2. ashley larrieux says

    … didn’t a woman recently die slowly and painfully in her irish hospital when the hospital refused to provide her a medically necessary abortion because “ireland is a catholic country”?

  3. Derek Con says

    This is definitely my experience of day to day life in Ireland, that country which was against divorce is long. The day of anyone listening to the church on any subject are so far gone as to make Ireland unrecognisable to the place it used to be. So much so, that I always feel I have to correct anyone with a perception of Ireland which is one stuck in the past. I don’t know a single person who goes to church, just about everyone I know is an atheist or at the very least an agnostic, religion plays no part in our lives and in fact our culture is quite hostile to it considering what has happened in the past.
    Savita Hallapanavar died in an Irish hospital because she was refused an abortion it is true, but afterwards the daily protests drawing crowds of 30,000 people (an incredible number for a country the size of ireland) looking for a change in the law are what Ireland is and what it should be judged on, not government inaction on dark age laws left over from catholicism.The law has since been changed because of the public rage, but we still have a long way to go for full pro choice rights for women, but we’ll keep at this government until we get there, so women like Savita will never be treated that way again.

  4. J Coal says

    @ 3. Sheila
    Ireland also has one of the best tax credits for film & TV in the world! 25% tax credit return on local spend on the first day of principle photography!

    It’s a great sense of joy and pride to see one of my homelands turn from religion as it’s guiding source to education!

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