Justin Bieber’s mother is brainwashing women to go against abortion.

“We really need to get over this love affair with the fetus and start worrying about children.” – Joycelyn Elders

Justin Bieber’s mother is now brainwashing women for not to have an abortion, because their babies can become world famous & billionaire like Justin Bieber.

Pattie Mallette, better known as Justin Bieber’s mother, has been very open over the years about her anti-abortion stance. The single mother got pregnant while she was still in high school, but after converting to Christianity, she decided to keep the child, which worked out pretty well considering he turned into the most famous pop star in the world.

Earlier today, Mallette announced she’s executive producing an anti-abortion short film that will be shown at various events across the country starting on February 28. Entitled Crescendo, it was conceived and shot with a goal of raising $10 million for pregnancy centers across the country that will advise women to consider options other than abortion. Here’s what Pattie had to say…

” (I want Crescendo to) encourage young women all over the world, just like me, to let them know that there is a place to go, people who will take care of you and a safe home to live in if you are pregnant and think you have nowhere else to turn.”

Mack Rawden from Cinemablend wanted to know whether or not people would watch this short film if it was available for free.’What do you think? If Crescendo was available on YouTube, would you watch it?’
My answer is, I will watch the film to see how far Justin’s mother has gone to brainwash women against abortion but I will never agree with them who think women should not abort their fetuses because fetuses become babies and babies can become Biebers. They can become Biebers, but they can become Monsters too. Women must have an abortion if they want to have an abortion. Their body, their choice. Nobody has the right to force women to go against their choice.


  1. says

    -sigh- And there’s really no level where Canadian anti-choicers are different from US anti-choicers. We’ve got crisis pregnancy centers only here they’re called “Pregnancy Care Centres”; one province would rather pay Canada Health Act penalties than extend public health coverage to include abortion; access to abortion and like services is almost nonexistent in the North; clinic workers have been harassed by anti-choice groups.

    And, yes, bombings and shootings. One abortion doctor in Vancouver has been shot at, and the clinic run by Henry Morgentaler, who fought the case that legalized abortion in Canada, has been firebombed in the past.

    As always, underneath the passionate pleas and kind words lies a world of deceit, harassment, terrorism, and other assorted toxic misogyny. Because it’s OK as long as you’re a regressive, and the mere act of being progressive is a crime worthy of harassment and even execution.

  2. S Mukherjee says

    Does Bieber’s mother not know or care that most children born to struggling low-income single mothers usually grow up to be adults with very mediocre achievements at best?

    • Fred Salvador - Colonialist says

      You’re talking about an ideologue; it’s not that she doesn’t know this, it’s that she refuses to acknowledge it as a legitimate argument against curtailing the reproductive rights of women. She’ll probably justify this to herself by believing that because what she’s doing is “right”, all the misery her success will cause A) will be alleviated by some undisclosed (and indeed undisclosable, since it is based upon self-delusion) mechanism, or B) is somehow deserved by, and therefore the fault of, the sufferers.

      Doing evil while keeping the pious narrative consistent. Wickedness in it’s most basic form, really.

      • Darcie says

        Yeah whatever you have to say to convience yourself that what you think is right. I hope you find the truth before it is to late dear.

    • Darcie says

      Yeah so instead of trying or putting them up got adoption we should deffinatlly shove scissors in the young defenseless babies head sho has a beating heart and fully functioning nerves that allows them to feel every aching pain till they pass away and realize their short ex distance was that of cruelty and torture. We don’t even put rapier, killers, of pedaphiles through that.

    • Darcie says

      Dear resident Alien, you only wish you were a 1/3 of the human being Justin is. Your pathetic and a poor excuse of wasted space. Thank you and have a nice day.

  3. says

    women should not abort their fetuses because fetuses become babies and babies can become Biebers.

    Surely everyone who’s not a schoolgirl will see this as an argument for abortion.

    • Darcie says

      Well genius, I think what she means is that everyone has a purpose and when you torturesly murder babies you never know what rare treasure you are taking away from this world.

  4. slc1 says

    Re #3 & #4

    I have to opine that the comments here about Mr. Bieber are way out of line. Aside from what one thinks about his music (I have not the slightest idea about it,never having seen or heard him perform), there is no evidence that he is a serial killer, a rapist, or otherwise a vile person (aside from some episodes of reckless driving and, perhaps, smoking a reefer or two). Thus, implying that he should never have been born is an atrocious comment. The fact that teenage girls go gaga over him is nothing new. They went gaga over the Beatles and Elvis Presley too back in the day.

    • says

      slc1, relax, I don’t know about #3 but I was joking. I have nothing against Bieber and think people who reflexively hate him are as childish as people who reflexively hate Twilight or anything else that is popular among teenage girls. I actually like one of Bieber’s songs, but only because it has Nicki Minaj in it.

      • slc1 says

        Unfortunately, I didn’t find the joke very funny. And I fail to see that the counterfactual Bieber as a Palestinian pop star has anything to do with anything. Contrary to popular opinion, most Palestinians are just trying to get by under difficult conditions, much like their opponents on the other side of the fence.

        Mr. Bieber is the butt of numerous unfunny jokes, e.g. he’s gay, he’s really a girl, etc. based on his personal appearance, something he has little control over. He’s what the muck da mucks in Tinseltown refer to as a pretty boy. Well, so were Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio as teenagers and they have gone on to have A list careers in the flics.

        • says

          Thanks for the feedback. In future I shall strive harder to make sure my sense of humour agrees with yours. I didn’t realise multi-millionaire US Popstars were members of a historically oppressed minority group and therefore worthy of such sensitivity.

          • Darcie says

            Isn’t every human being regardless of social or financial status worthy of respect? Maybe if there were more caring and supportive people instead of discriminative and heartless ones this world just might be a little better place.

    • resident_alien says

      Well, the Bieber himself has said in interviews that a woman who is unwillingly pregnant should have the child whether she wants to or not because “she might end up loving it”.If he can in ernest make judgements about my uterus ( and,implicitly,about my value as a person) ,why can’t I judge the value of his life in jest?

  5. smrnda says

    A better point might be that a woman who chooses to have abortion might become something, but if she ‘chooses life’ she can end up being just another struggling single mom with more kids than she can take care of – the woman and the fact that she herself and not her potential children might accomplish something is just never acknowledged.

    • Darcie says

      Well intelligent nice goal setting and archiving women usually don’t go spreading their legs around town knowing they could get pregnant. So no, I don’t believe that by them killing a baby will give them a bright future.

  6. says


    So anyone that disagrees with you Taslima, must be a brainwasher?

    Have you any scrap of evidence that what Ms. Bieber is doing will be anything along the lines of brainwashing, that she will be using mind control, or coercive techniques?

    I think anyone who was honest, and I would have hoped that included a physician and human rights award winner, would be able to state:

    “Ms. Bieber will be advancing her anti-abortion argument, of which I strenuously disagree”.

    But to say she is brainwashing people Taslima, is just another thoughtless smear.

    Taslima, where did you learn to argue in this manner? Is that what passes for argument in medical schools? Or is this something you have picked up from feminists?

    It’s weak, it’s lame, it’s obnoxious, it’s beneath the standards of communication of an intellectually honest scientist, or intellectually honest human rights activist.

    • slc1 says

      The question as to whether Ms. Bieber is resorting to brainwashing depends on whether the clinics she proposes to set up provide false information about abortions. For instance, if they make the false claim that abortions result in greater incidences of breast cancer, then they are, indeed, brainwashing their clients.

  7. Sean3334 says

    Where in Bieber’s mother’s quote does she imply “women should not abort their fetuses because fetuses become babies and babies can become Biebers.”

    You are asinine to put words in her mouth that she did not say.

  8. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    Clinics already advise and assist women to help them ascertain what the best course of action is for them. No clinic should be encouraging any particular path.

  9. says

    While I am not sure the use of the term brainwashing is appropriate here, the anti-choice promoters are doing their best to sspread lies about abortion. Certainly, they accost many women outside clinics aand attempt to coerce them into not having that abortion. They do this without concern for the motives behind the visit. The woman may need the procedure for.her own health, or to remve the results of sexual abuse.

  10. crowepps says

    Does Bieber’s mother not know or care that most children born to struggling low-income single mothers usually grow up to be adults with very mediocre achievements at best?

    She’s got that covered, didn’t you see this?

    …there is a place to go, people who will take care of you and a safe home to live in if you are pregnant and think you have nowhere else to turn.”

    All young women need to do when they have nowhere else to turn is go live in that safe home, and in return for that repay the help by handing over their baby. Obviously, struggling low-income single mothers don’t deserve to keep their baby, which should instead become a product of the adoption industry and end up in a good evangelical Christian home with a mother and a father.

    And those ‘open adoption contracts’? Totally unenforceable. Not worth the paper they’re written on. No good evangelical Christian home would want their child to remain in contact with a slut.

    • Darcie says

      Yeah we certainly would not want to take their precious babies from them. It is not fair that they have to do that. Sooooo instead we will just let them kill them, yeah that’s what we do that way they come out on top and those lousy no good two parent house hold who can and are willing to give a child a good life won’t get the best of them careless selfish women. Yep sounds like a plan, and then them women will have plenty of time to regret as their spending eternity in a place called Hell.

  11. lpetrich says

    That seems like the argument “Look who would be aborted!” Let’s see who might be aborted…
    In the little town of Braunau am Inn, Austria, near the German border, a certain Klara Poelzl has discovered in the fall of 1888 that she is pregnant. She and her husband, a minor customs official named Alois Schicklgruber, decide that they don’t want to have a child at that time, so she gets an abortion.
    In another little town, Gori, in Asian Georgia, Russian Empire, a certain Ekaterina Geladze has discovered in the summer of 1878 that she is pregnant. But she and her husband Vissarion Dzhugashvili are very poor and not sure that they want a child. So she gets an abortion.
    In yet another little town, Hope, Arkansas, USA, a certain Virginia Dell Cassidy has discovered in the beginning of 1946 that she is pregnant. But her husband, William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., was perpetually on the road, and she was wondering what sort of father he would be. So she gets an abortion — and her suspicions are confirmed three months later when he dies from a car accident.
    In a big city, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, college student Ann Dunham discovered early in 1961 that she is pregnant by another college student, Barack Obama. But since she was in college, she did not think that she was in a good enough position to have a child. So she gets an abortion. Her suspicions were confirmed when the two later went their separate ways, she to the University of Washington in Seattle, and he to Harvard University.

    • Darcie says

      Ummmmmm yeah you made a good point. Not, God doesn’t care he has already set the plan. People change it by their choices. Although it is free will, he will punish those for their actions.

  12. Darcie says

    Okay, first off! Because Patti is doing a campaign to let women know they have other options out there rather than to MURDER their baby is her doing Gods work. What kind of sick idiot would say “stop worrying about the fetuses and worry about the children” Are you completely niaeve or just plain stupid? The fetuses are our children. Why on earth should a women have the right to take away a gift from God and an innocent human being because she couldn’t make a wise choice in the first place? Do you know how many pepole are out there that would love to have a chance at raising a child? Abortion should be illegal!!!!!!!!! Get a brain people !!!!!

  13. Pavlo says

    Let me ask you a few questions.

    At what exact point does a ‘fetus’ become a child, at what point does it become a real human being?

    At what point do they become a child, when the head is out? When the legs are out? When the cord is cut? What changes at that point? What is it about exiting a womb that makes a person a person? Why is a premature baby a child, but another being at the same developmental stage is not? How are they different?

    Not ONE of the Pro-Choicers can answer any of these questions with any accuracy – because you simply do not know.

    This self-exalting person who calls herself a human rights activist Taslima Nasreen, intellectualises, supports and attempts to justify the practice of killing small, defenceless human beings that live in women’s wombs.

    All in the name of women’s rights and ‘control over their bodies’. What about the human rights of the unborn humans? (about 50% of which happen to be female). An unborn human being should be safe in the womb. Unfortunately, they are not.

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