Magnetic Melancholy!

Ravi Shankar died yesterday. If George Harrison did not introduce him to the world, the world would not have known about a great musician. Let’s listen to raga malkauns. Ravi Shankar played it.

Bismillah Khan, the shehnai maestro also played raga malkauns.
Let’s have a malkauns day today! Chaurasia’s flute brings tears to my eyes.

All black. We need to close our eyes and feel the music.


  1. Santanu Mitra says

    We had a cultural link with the Ravi Shankar family ever since I could remember. His elder brother Uday Shankar started the trend.

    Irrespective of if George Harrison introduced him to the west or not, Ravi Shankar’s music was magic.
    I am truly sorry to see him go.

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