Vagina was literarlly locked up for years.

Today’s News:
Man kept wife’s private parts locked for four years.

Man arrested for keeping wife’s private parts under lock and key.

A man in India kept his wife’s genitals under lock and key. He drilled holes on each side of her labia majora. Before leaving the house, the man used to put a small lock in the holes. He kept the keys inside his socks.

Hundreds of bizarre torture methods against women exist in a misogynistic society. Nothing surprises me anymore.


    • Akhtar Ali Khan says

      Please believe it; it can’t be done. Labia majora are the outer flaps of the vavular apparatus which also contains urinal slit. If the vulvular slit is locked, the person can not urinate, and urine will accumulate in the urinary bladder which eventually will burst and cause internal infection and bleeding, killing the person.

      It is just a story bodily lifted from “One thousand and one nights” story book.

  1. Urmila Mathondkar says

    Lately I have a feeling that all men are hunters and we are their prey. They just want to get pleasure at the cost of our pain. I was wondering how that woman went to pee.

    I wish that I had a penis for atleast one day.

    • dab says

      What on Earth are you talking about? “all men”? “all”? Way to fight sexism/prejudice by descending to it yourself.

      And if you had a penis for a day, so what? What would you do with it, then?
      Perhaps use it to write the non-word “atleast” into the dictionary?

      • F says

        That wasn’t a manifesto, that was a description of Urmila Mathondkar’s feelings. If you cannot understand the difference, then it is you who are descending into ignorance. Your privilege is showing. Many women (and various other marginalized people) are constantly assaulted on all sides, and have no allies or equally powerless allies.

        You know how you convince a traumatized or abused or marginalized person that not every man (or whatever the perceived aggressor) isn’t that bad? By not being another jerk. An admission of fear like this is something you approach by listening and understanding.

        • dab says

          That’s a ridiculous comparison to make. Why would you say that?

          Or were you being sarcastic, right? Insinuating that I think the two are comparable? Or implying that my taking issue with verbal sexism against all men means that I don’t care about physically abusive sexism by some men?

          In either case, kindly fuck off.

          • Zendetta says

            My gods, you’re rude. And self-important. Someone expresses herself, and you have the nerve to tell her to “fuck off” because it damages your image of yourself as a “good guy”, nothing like those other guys?

            Your male privilege is so thick it’s choking me. Go cry about your hurt feelings somewhere else, little boy.

          • says

            Yes, I was insinuating that. Because you did that.

            Way to fight sexism/prejudice by descending to it yourself. Unbelievable.

          • dab says

            Can people (of either gender) not call out gross generalisations and misrepresentations now without being subjected to a bunch of silly clichés?

            You know, it’s funny how you go straight to male-based insults. Because that’s fair, right? Would I have gotten the same attitudes if I didn’t happen to be replying to females and you didn’t happen to correctly – but irrelevantly, presumptuously, and stereotypingly – guessed that I am a male?

            Why can’t you present an actual rebuttal rather than just reaching for hyperbolic and overly defensive soundbites based upon my gender?

            No doubt you’ll now go on to accuse me of being an MRA, which I am not, but I don’t have any more energy to try to stop your selfish tantrums, so whatever.

    • jimmy60 says

      That’s really sad that you feel that way. I hope you understand that feeling that way isn’t rational. If it was actually rational then the story here wouldn’t be that unique and disturbing, it would be common.

      The problem I have with this story is that it is so unique and disturbing. Many (not all, thankfully) men figuratively do this to their significant other. They do it by cutting off the woman’s friends. Demanding to know what she does all the time. Violence or threats of violence or even by passive aggressive means, many men keep women trapped. This story just helps them to rationalize it by saying “at least I didn’t put holes in her and use a real lock”. The effect is the same though and a real issue.

      Men like myself actually want women who are strong and independent as a partner. We see a partner as an equal. You don’t need to fear us. Sadly we don’t get to wear some badge to make it easy to tell us from the rest. I wish we did.

      I often ponder as to whether some men are like this because of religion or is religion like this because of some men.

      • F says

        That’s really sad that you feel that way. I hope you understand that feeling that way isn’t rational. If it was actually rational then the story here wouldn’t be that unique and disturbing, it would be common.

        Well, in some places, this sort of thing is every day. In some places, one might not have contact with a decent man (especially in places where a woman is allowed no contact with any other man besides her father or husband or whatever approved male). For some women, this is life experience.

        And for those women, the existence some OK decent guy 20,000 k away, or just up the road, may not make a damn bit of difference. For some, it may be a hope of something better. But for practical purposes, within their lifetimes, it will not matter that there are these mythical feminist men somewhere.

        Yeah, it is sad for someone to feel that way. What’s worse is that some women have a damn good reason to do so. And feelings aren’t rational anyway, but may still be a reasonable response to the environment. They have effects of creating survival behaviors.

    • Desigirl says

      Oh, will you shut up? as if you care.

      Think of something original-We are done to death with “Dear Muslima” construct :::
      Indian/Islamic(and etc..) women have serious problems.
      So women elsewhere – be grateful for what you have and do not waste the limited internet space with your petty concerns.
      And don’t ever dare to get uppity with “guys don’t do that”, you castrating-feminazi etc..

      Seriously, just 4 words and you guys are still so upset for what – one year now?

      what a pity…

      • says

        I’m so sorry this arsehat decided to dump his crud in your space. Your documentation of these atrocities deserves far greater respect.

        I don’t tend to comment because I simply cannot think of what to say. I lurk and listen, but I’m always thankful that you take the trouble to document.

        Thank you.

  2. dr. puneet arora says

    This is society full of crap. I wish we learn to be a good human. May it be male or female.

  3. geniusloci says

    “Sitabai, who married Chouhan when she was just 16 years old, has also alleged that Chouhan often misbehaved with their eldest daughter.”

    Damn. It gets even worse.

    • F says

      Another disgusting and intellectually dishonest person. Never a shortage of these apparently. How nice of you to use news of horrific abuse to play your vacuous and spiteful little games.

  4. mas528 says

    I’ve heard people voluntarily doing body-mods like this, but this is utterly outrageous.

    The single good thing that I can see is that they have laws on the books that say that this is a crime, and the husband is being charged under those laws.

    I know that “good” is not the right word, but I just keep imagining what must have gone through her mind when she woke up and every day for the past four years

    • efogoto says

      Her attempt at suicide is a sign of what she was thinking. I’m sorr that’s what it took for him to get caught, but I am glad he was caught.

  5. says

    More evidences that a lot of the combinations possible within the human genome are for shit.

    We’ve got to get rid of religion or religion will bloody well get rid of us. Irrationality just isn’t something the human race can afford any longer.

  6. Evader says

    That man should be sent to an American prison, he’ll soon learn what it is like to be controlled sexually.

    • says

      Good idea. Institutionalised rape of men is the only cure for sexism.

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree this man is a piece of shit. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

  7. JohnS says

    I’ll admit when I first came here I was skeptical of Taslima.

    This blog is one of the most powerful things on the internet. It is a screaming refutation to the idea that cultures are merely different, none are superior or inferior. “That’s just how “they” treat their women…who are we to judge and say that equality for women is superior to burning their faces with acid when they don’t follow the commands of their husbands and fathers or when their vaginas are locked up like a private keepsake box?”

    Keep it up Taslima, the world needs to confront barbarity and see it clearly enough to leave an indelible imprint on their minds.

    • says

      This dude is exceptionally sick. There’s a lot of sexism in Indian culture, but literally locking up women’s genitalia has never been considered normal or socially acceptable. That’s why even the corrupt and overworked Indian police force are charging him.

  8. says

    Thank you for some other informative blog. Where else may I am getting that kind of information written in such an ideal way? I’ve a project that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such information.

  9. Vladimir Dmitri says

    I think I need to leave this link here.

    The guy wouldn’t have needed to “drill” holes, a surgical needle is much more suitable for the job.
    I also have to say that I know plenty of people who undergo this sort of treatment, both male and female.

    The fact that it happened doesn’t shock me, it happens everywhere.
    The only think i would like to ask is if it was done with or without her consent.

    I have personally done things that if taken out of context, would probably shock and horrify you.
    There is nothing wrong with what I have done because they follow a set of principles that are common in the BDSM community around the world.

    SSC – Safe, Sane, Consentual
    RACK – Risk Aware, Consentual Kink

    I’m not saying that this case has anything to do with the Kink community. All I’m saying is that as messed up as things may seem, if people are giving informed consent there’s nothing wrong with it.

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