Irresponsible Irrational Indonesia! Islamic Idiotic Insane Indonesia!

Alexander Aan is sentenced to 2.5 years in prison in Indonesia for saying ‘God doesn’t exist.’

We live in an insane world where we get exiled, we get banned, we get burned, we get sentenced to death,sentenced to life in prison,sentenced to years in prison if we tell the simple truth, ‘God doesn’t exist.’

The truth is imprisoned. The lie is free.

Indonesia is not Saudi Arabia or Sudan. It is not Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Indonesians are a mix of almost everything. The diversity of Indonesia’s many religions, languages, cultures and ethnicities is a treasure to be appreciated. Indonesia has world’s largest Muslim population but it has always been a tolerant country.

Indonesian national airlines Garuda was named after the Hindu mythical bird Garuda.

Hindus believe that Garuda is the carrier of the God Vishnu.

Good old Indonesia has now started having Sharia Laws that discriminate against women and non-Muslims and it has started harassing and arresting atheists, secularists, humanists and thinking minds.

Religion makes people insane. In today’s world, Islamic faith makes people more insane than any other faiths.

Many atheist organizations including Atheist Ireland started a campaign for the release of Alexander Aan and for the repeal of blasphemy laws.

Let’s join the campaign to fight not only Islamists but also Islam to save humanity.


  1. Taru Dutt says

    Personally I take all tales in Hindu or any mythology as just that – tales. Like Christ rising from the dead or Athena springing forth, fully formed, from the head of Zeus.

    We needs tales, fiction, stories. All cultures have them; all cultures should. What we don’t need is to start believing in their literal truth. Their emotional, cultural and psychological significance may be profound, and is of course subject to criticism and analysis, but taking these often wonderfully vivid and entertaining stories as the truth in the same sense that two and two are four, or that the sun revolves around the earth, is to do ourselves and others a grave disservice.

  2. The Rose says

    another thing i just learned is that when you say “we” you mean homo sapien i get that & I like that.
    btw my doG is only 2 years old and he’s already reading, The Greatest Show On Earth, and getting in touch with his wolf so i thought id djust put that out ther

  3. Gorbachev says

    The march of fundamentalism across the world alarms me. It’s most frightening in the Muslim world. Previously, Indonesia and Malaysia had very open, more woman-friendly cultures that defied thegeneral Islamic trends. Indeed, many Arabs considered SE Asian Muslims “not really Muslim”.

    Now, Indonesia is changing. From Aceh, where Shariah law is enforced oficially and unofficially by goon squads, to official declarations that Islam is the official religion (as if we didn’t know), …

    And nobody has adressed the problem of Irian Jaya effectively. because of the Dutch colonial rule, western Papua New Guinea was included in Indonesia. The people, languages and cultures have nothing in common with and nothing to do with Java or Sumatra.

    And yet, the majority Muslim Javanese have turned Irian Jaya into, effectively, an internal Indonesian colony.

    I’ve been to Papua New Guinea. And Irian Jaya. As far as I’m concerned, the Javanese have a lot to answer for.

    they’re brutal, discriminatory, and near-genocidal in their relationships with the indigenous people.

    The principle insurgent organization, the Free Papua Movement (OPM), has been accused of human rights abuses such as hostage-taking, summary execution, and sabotage.[6], while the Indonesian government is accused of human rights abuses, such as attacks on OPM-sympathetic civilians and jailing people who raise the OPM’s Morning Star flag for treason.[12] Official estimates are that 150,000 Papuans (more than 1% of the population) were killed by the military between 1963 and 1983 alone[4].

    Through the transmigration program, which since 1969 includes migration to Papua, about half of the 2.4 million inhabitants of Indonesian Papua are born in Java.[4] Such communities of migrants are frequent targets of OPM attacks, though intermarriage is increasing and the offspring of transmigrants have come to see themselves as “Papuan” over their parents’ ethnic group.[13]

    In effect, one culture/ethnic group is trying to govern and eventually obliterate another.

    It should be stopped.

  4. left0ver1under says

    In things I’ve read about Indonesia and from those who have visited, the gist of Indonesia’s attitude toward religion is, You MUST have a religion. It may not have to be muslim, but it has to be one of the six largest or you will be denied basic human rights. Small wonder the far right in the US likes the place so much.

    The Indonesian government “recognizes” many religions, but NOT the right to be an atheist. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t travelled and won’t travel there myself.

  5. cuckrooo says

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