Why Taxation Policy Matters

The US was built on inequality, and was structured so as to maintain that inequality. It’s so deeply embedded in the fabric of the country that most people don’t see it – they’re indoctrinated to see the flip-side of that inequality as “middle class” and “upward mobility.” When a president talks about “helping the middle class” it’s not saying “We’re going to make things better for people!” it’s saying “We’re going to make things more unequal!” Because, the fact of the matter is that the middle class is smaller.

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Sunday Sermon: In Defense Of Anarchism

This is going to be a couple of parts, but I’m going to try to tie them all together, in time. I’ve chosen a “selection plus commentary” approach for these sermons, which means I’m almost certainly going to be dropping spoilers about the future pieces of text. Since it’s philosophy, not thriller fiction, I think that’s OK.  On with the sermon:

The Conflict Between Authority and Autonomy


- Robert Paul Wolff

– Robert Paul Wolff

Politics is the exercise of the power of the state, or the attempt to influence that exercise. Political philosophy is therefore, strictly speaking, the philosophy of the state. If we are to determine the context of political philosophy, and whether indeed it exists, we must begin with the concept of the state.

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