A “Large Blowtorch”

I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want a pipeline going through their area.

Two workers suffered burns, one seriously, and another was unaccounted for after a large explosion and fire Thursday night (Feb. 9) at a 20-inch high-pressure Phillips 66 pipeline at the Williams Discovery natural-gas plant in Paradis, according to St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne and Louisiana State Police [nola.com]

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A Depressing Episode

Since I spend a lot of time on airplanes and sitting in airports, I listen to a variety of podcasts (they work at 10,000 feet!) including the “Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcast.

They did an episode on the Dakota War of 1862, and it’s really really depressing – especially given what’s going on right now at the noDAPL protests/Standing Rock.

Listen To it.

White America is at it again, clearing the indigenous peoples from their lands. As I write this, the governor of North Dakota has ordered an “emergency evacuation” because you know, it’s getting cold, and all the protesters had better go where it’s warm so the bulldozers can get back to work in spite of, you know, the cold.

#NoDAPL Would Miss All the Fireworks

One of the things about having a gasoline pipeline go near you, is all the cool explosions. Obviously something is wrong with the indigenous people in North Dakota, they don’t like explosions and the smell of gasoline? It’s free entertainment.

Hmmmm? What’s that you say? The executives of pipeline companies don’t live near pipelines either? I’m shocked.

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