These are old photos – from 2005. The dogs and I were on a walk and suddenly they got very interested in this patch of mud on the trail. It took some doing to get them to not stomp all over it, so I could go back to the house and get a camera and a ruler.

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A Busy Couple Weeks!

Today I am heading down to IANS in Charlotte, NC [ia] where I will be moderating sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday I will try to pretend to have a life and then the next week I’ll be doing it again in Washington, DC [ia] then Thursday night (instead of driving home) I’ll drive up to Syracuse, NY for NYSERNET’s conference [ny] where I’m delivering the Friday morning keynote. Then, I drive home and try to remember who I am for 2 days and it’s back down to the DC area to keynote BroCon [bro] in Arlington, then swing by Herndon for a day on the way home to sit in on a Technology Advisory Board for a start-up that I’ve been consulting to for the last few years. After that, it’s a 3 hour drive back to the farm.

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White House Tales – 3

However cynical we may be about government, it’s hard to match the cynicism inside government. But, when I think about history, I remind myself that the really enthusiastic governments were also the most dangerous. When I started doing stuff at the White House it was exciting and glamorous for a little while.

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Argument Clinic: Pass Me a Clip of Steel-Core Invective

Here at Argument Clinic we are trying to eschew ableist invective, since it is almost always inaccurate and causes “splash damage.” Our recommendation to the huddled masses is to resort to using the most deadly insult of all, namely: Truth. But what do we do with ‘Stupid’?

We know you need our guidance, but we have to admit that we are transfixed in Lovecraftian dread at the tendrils of doubt that are wrapping tighter and tighter around our left ankle.

Is this the right room for an argument?

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