When you have a dim view of the situation, and Noam Chomsky comes along to summarize how he sees things, and it pretty much matches you right down the line – well, that’s depressing. Chomsky has a long history of being right: right about Vietnam, right about Linguistics, right about Iraq, right about Bush, right about Obama, and right about Trump.

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Bready or Not

My skills at drawing are so bad that when I draw a stick figure, people think it’s a doodle. So I use prosthetics to sketch designs and see what I like and what I don’t. This is intended to be a bread-scoring knife for commentariat(tm) member jazzlet.

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Movie Review: Hannah Gadsby, “Nanette”

See it.

It’s a mix of comedy and spoken word oration, and it is incredibly good. Make sure your FOX-watching homophobic uncle watches it by mistake.

Gadsby manages to break down the inconsistencies inherent in “free speech” in the most brilliant, painful, passionate way I’ve ever heard. Technically, it’s comedy, so I’ll say this is one of the great comedy performances – and a great replacement for the work of another comedian I used to love, who turned out to be a disgrace.

The Electric Chair: A Perfect Storm of American Nastiness

Warning: Execution, Death, Cruelty to Animals

[This posting is because of discussion about execution techniques stderr]

When I was a kid, we made a family expedition to Menlo Park in New Jersey, and explored Thomas Edison’s old lab, which is now a museum. [men] I was fascinated by the great inventors – I always have been – and it felt like a wander through a stranger’s mind. Exploring other people’s shop-spaces has always held a thrill for me, trying to figure out quickly what this or that doodad is for.

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