Decoding the Unpossibly Secure

Stanislaw Lem wrote some very witty and unusual science fiction. If you haven’t read Tales Of Pirx The Pilot [amazon] or Memoirs Found In A Bathtub [amazon] you might enjoy them if you like quirky and thoughtful fiction.

Tales of Pirx The Pilot has one of the most memorable scenes in science fiction: Pirx, an astronaut in a space mishap, has to spend a prolonged period in his space suit – and discovers that there is a fly in his helmet.

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Don’t Sweat Quantum Crypto

This is another example of credulous/bad reporting about my field. Whenever I see the press utterly fail to “get” something to do with computer security, I assume they’re equally lazy and wrong about every other field that requires more understanding than “who made Kim Kardashian’s shoes?” (because they are labelled)

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