Monday Meslier: 4 – Of the Falsity of the Christian Religion

Jean Meslier Portrait

Jean Meslier

Let us proceed to the pretended visions and Divine Revelations, upon which our Christ-worshipers establish the truth and the certainty of their religion.

In order to give a just idea of it, I believe it is best to say in general, that they are such, that if any one should dare now to boast of similar ones, or wish to make them valued, he would certainly be regarded as a fool or a fanatic.

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Sunday Sermon: I Kant

I started writing this as a sort of open snark-gram to Caitlyn Jenner, but I just couldn’t do it. As I started to think things through from different angles, I just got more and more depressed. So, I hit “Move to Trash” and tried again.

Root cause analysis, for me, always comes back to privilege, which is an instance of exceptionalism.

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