#NoDAPL Would Miss All the Fireworks

One of the things about having a gasoline pipeline go near you, is all the cool explosions. Obviously something is wrong with the indigenous people in North Dakota, they don’t like explosions and the smell of gasoline? It’s free entertainment.

Hmmmm? What’s that you say? The executives of pipeline companies don’t live near pipelines either? I’m shocked.

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Back in 2004 or so, I had the idea of shooting some stock photography intended for digital post-manipulation. I don’t have the 3d bug, but I was doing a lot of work with models and I thought it’d be pretty cool to provide action poses and random weirdness, for other artists to interact with.

At the time I was posting stuff on a website called “renderosity” where there was a small group of photographers who did stock, so I posted a comment “Hey, if anyone wants models – cosplay girls, whatever – in particular poses, let me know! I do a lot of photography and maybe I can just bang you off a shot or two!”    I only got one response, from a guy who went by “Sazz.”

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Cocoa Butter Lotion

One of the side effects of working with lots of solvents and paint and similar stuff is: lizard skin.

And there’s really only one good way to fix lizard skin, namely, glue it back together with some nice soft gooey oils, and let newer skin grow out without drying out or being abraded. This is a pair of recipes for two lotions. Links for ingredients are at the bottom.

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Turning 6 Year Olds’ Drawings Into Reality

I have to confess something: I never thought Picasso’s cubism was all that brilliant. It sort of reminds me of the kinds of things a 6-year-old does with magic markers, and a parent sticks up on the refrigerator with a magnet. Speaking of “refrigerator art”, anyway, this is delightful: a father with some experience at photoshop re-renders his 6-year-old’s cubist masterpieces:

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