The Totalitarian Urge

When does authoritarianism shift to totalitarianism?

Politically, authoritarianism is a system in which the state asserts its supreme power over a region, then uses that power to dictate rules and behaviors. There are a variety of authoritarianisms, including Stalinism, Maoism, Putinism, Fascism, Kimism, dictatorship, tyranny, aristocracy, monarchy and so forth.

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Jenna’s Genius Idea

We were sitting around in my kitchen, after I had just helped her make her first batch of soap. The room smelled of frankincense and we were eating pizza washed down with red wine.

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Monday Meslier: 148 – How Fatal It Is To Persuade Kings They Only Have God To Fear If They Injure The People

Negligent, ambitious, and perverse princes are the real causes of public adversities, of useless and unjust wars continually

Jean Meslier Portrait

Jean Meslier

depopulating the earth, of greedy and despotic governments, destroying the benefactions of nature for men. The rapacity of the courts discourages agriculture, blots out industry, causes famine, contagion, misery; Heaven is neither cruel nor favorable to the wishes of the people; it is their haughty chiefs, who always have a heart of brass.

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A Brief LOL

(It’s dark and quiet.)
SPOCK: Captain.
(There’s a red jacket draped across a console, with white crystals scattered in and around it.)
KIRK: Just their uniforms left.