Was this deliberate?

In this cartoon, we have the somewhat disconcerting idea of the character Pig planning to eat a ham sandwich. I wonder if cartoonist Stephan Pastis made a deliberate choice because the. strip is quirky, or whether a ham sandwich just happened to come to mind because it is such a ubiquitous banal food choice and these are cartoon creatures after all.

(Pearls Before Swine)

The role of black conservatives

Chauncey DeVega takes the news about Trump’s deplorable ‘eulogy’ at the memorial service following the death of Lynnette Hardaway, who was the ‘Diamond’ to her sister’s ‘Silk’ as part of a duo who appeared prominently on conservative media as ardent Trump supporters, to examine the role that the current generation of what he calls ‘professional black conservatives’ play in American politics.

“Black conservative” is a specific type of character and performance in post-civil rights America (although the archetype long predates it). In the white right-wing imagination, these are black people who fulfill a fantasy role in a type of new-age race minstrel performance where they denigrate and insult the intelligence, dignity, and political agency of other black people for the pleasures of white “conservatives” and white America. These black conservatives claim that other black people are lazy, have “bad culture”, “can’t think for themselves”, are trapped on a “Democratic Party plantation.” If they “knew better,” black conservatives argue, more black people would actually be “conservatives.” Black conservatives also elevate themselves as exemplars of “hard work” and as “proof” that America is a meritocracy where anything is possible — “if you just stop worrying” about racism.

In what is perhaps their most important role, black conservatives are professional “best black friends.” They serve as mercenaries, human racism deflection shields who are deployed to tell white people some of the most grossly racist and vile things about other black people.
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Be skeptical of police reports and their initial statements

Today is the funeral of Tyre Nichols, the 29-year old Black man brutally murdered last month by five Memphis police officers, while other officers and EMT personnel stood around without doing anything to stop them. The five officers are being charged with murder and the others are being investigated.

After being involved in any incident, the police involved are required to file a report on it and the initial statements issued by police spokespersons are based on that account. According to news reports, the initial report filed following the murder of Nichols was nothing like what was seen on the video taken from the body cams.
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