More Than Millennials by Mano Singham

I published this article More Than ‘Millennials’: Colleges Must Look Beyond Generational Stereotypes in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Vol. LVI, no. 7, October 16, 2009.

I wrote it in response to what I saw as a lot of disparaging remarks made about the cohort of young people that have been labeled as ‘millennials’. This was not just in the media but also among educators. I spent much of my teaching career teaching members of this cohort and felt that they were being maligned, because my own experience with them was nothing like what was described.

More Than Millennials

Axes of good and evil

All people are flawed but we are not flawed equally. There are many axes that can be drawn along moral and ethical dimensions and each one of us will fall at different points along them, having different strengths and weaknesses. It is next to impossible to extract an overall single score that would define our ethical and moral worth for comparison purposes, unless one decides to pick one axis as determinative over all the others. Doing so is what enables some people to feel morally superior to others. But even then, while it is hard to do that for positive values, there can be a particular moral and ethical dimension where someone is so bad that it overrides everything else and we can conclude that they are simply bad people, even if they have some redeeming qualities in some area. Sociopaths fall into that category.
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Columbus and the Flat Earth Myth by Mano Singham

One of the things that surprised me after coming to the US is how many students (and even adults) believed that it was Christopher Columbus who established the fact that the Earth was round and that prior to his 1492 voyage across the Atlantic, people believed the Earth was flat. (Some people still believe the Earth is flat but that is another story.)

I wrote an article about this myth that appeared in Phi Delta KAPPAN, vol. 88, no. 8, p. 590-592, April 2007 that you can read by following the link below.

Columbus and the Flat Earth Myth

I will be posting my published articles on this blog site

I find that some of my published articles can no longer be freely accessed on the web and so I have begun to do what I had been planning to do for a long time, and that is to post my non-technical articles on this site and not depend on the publications to maintain the links and provide access to them.

I posted the first one yesterday in response to a request from someone who could not access the article on the original journal site. That article garnered a huge response in the educational community. I will be adding posts with links periodically. The title of the posts will have the article title and my name so that they can be found easily by search engines.