A new social networking site

Remember Black Friend Finder, a service that provides people who need them with black friends? Now Funny or Die introduces Muslim-meet, a service that introduces people to real Muslims to help them overcome their prejudices.


  1. says

    A couple years ago I floated the idea among some of my friends that we should start a jihadi penpal programme. The idea would be to social engineer folks from ISIS’ PR ops to email the personal accounts of various NSA, CIA, and FBI people. It’d play utter havoc on the NSA’s relationship mapping clustering algorithms, for a while.

  2. Robert,+not+Bob says

    It’s a shame that those most in need of such a service, if it indeed existed (this is a joke, right?), never would.

  3. Pteryxx says

    It’s not difficult to look up one’s local Islamic Center and go meet them and offer support. Most centers have been holding community open houses for years, specifically to educate interested parties and counter Islamophobia.

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