Scrap the International Olympic Committee

International governing bodies like FIFA for soccer and the IOC for the Olympics are notorious for their corruption and the arrogance and greed of its executives. The Olympic games may have gone too far in its demands for perks to consider nations to host its winter games because countries are not stepping forward to make offers.

Norway has withdrawn its application to host the 2022 winter games and one reason may have been the list of demands that the IOC gave them as preconditions for a site visit reveal a deep sense of entitlement among those officials. One of the demands was that a cocktail party with the king of Norway be held, to be paid for by the Norwegian Olympic committee or the Norwegian royal family.

Six countries have now withdrawn their initial offers. Is it any surprise that there are now only two countries (China and Kazakhstan) offering to host the event? It must be disappointing for the IOC bigwigs that their anticipated grand tour of many countries where they are treated like royalty has dwindled to just two. And if one of the remaining two drop out, the remaining country can then make demands to the IOC rather than the other way around. And it will serve them right.


  1. astrosmash says

    THAT’S what should happen! The US should be banned for participating in the olympics per the torture report

  2. says

    -- Hotel mini-bars must have only Coca-Cola products
    -- Samsung phones for all IOC members

    Well, these I think I can understand because these companies are sponsors of the Olympics, I believe. I can therefore give them a pass for these two.

  3. says

    Most of the demands are for precisely the sort of thing that thoroughly corrupt nepotistic tyrannies do for their friends and supporters all the time. So it probably wouldn’t take that much adjustment to do the same things for an outside group like the IOC.

    But “Samsung phones for all IOC members?!” Don’t those assholes have their own phones already? If I already have a mobile I use for myself, the last thing I’d want is to dump it for something given me by a foreign country. Demanding the host pay their phone costs makes more sense.

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