A more realistic look at the new pope

The media has gone gaga over pope Francis, portraying him as charting a new course for the church. They did not seem to notice that he has not done anything to change the actual policies of the church, merely presenting a kinder, gentler face.

In an interview on NPR, theologian George Weigel throws cold water on those hopes, saying that the current pope is continuing what his predecessors did but that observers are projecting on to him what they hope to see in the church.

Of course, since Weigel is himself a conservative, fans of pope Francis could use Weigel’s arguments against him and say that he himself is projecting onto the pope what he wants to see.

But on objective grounds, he is right. There have been few concrete changes in policy as yet under Francis.


  1. sailor1031 says

    I see that the pope has just appointed Cardinal Pell to head up a new department (comptroller’s office) that will control all Vatican finances. For those who don’t know Pell is an ultra-conservative protector of child rapists in the classic catholic mold. I think this tells us all we need to know about any so-called “liberalization” of RCC Inc.

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