A Republican traitor

Scott Rigell, a Republican congressman, seems to have decided to not follow the party line on how to vote on the shut down and is now calling for a vote on a ‘clean’ continuing resolution. He was the only Republican to vote against a continuing resolution that defunded the Affordable Care Act, though his reason for doing so was because it didn’t replace the sequester.

Rigell is from a district in Virginia which, because of its proximity to Washington, DC and huge military presence, is the home to many government workers and thus may be feeling the repercussions of the shut down more acutely than most of his colleagues. Although Rigell does not like the ACA and wants to have it defunded, we have seen that that is not enough for the purists who see willingness to shut down the government over it as the test of their sincerity. He has already been called a RINO.

The Daily Show‘s Samantha Bee interviews this traitor.

(This clip aired on October 3, 2013. To get suggestions on how to view clips of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report outside the US, please see this earlier post.)


  1. lorn says

    “Are you just experimenting with reason, to see if you like it? Is this like a reason rumshpringa to you?”

    Outstanding turn of phrase. Soon to be a classic.

  2. fentex says

    Because people may be returning to a page they’ve viewed already, interested in comments rather than the video again, or they may open several pages at once as a selection to step through, or be lead by a link when sitting in a quiet room auto-playing video is poor etiquette.

    Visitors ought make the choice if they wish to stream, view and hear – or broadcast to those around them – such content.

    As such in the embed tag of media.mtvnservices.com content the attribute flashvars=”autoPlay=false” should always be present.

  3. Mano Singham says

    I agree that autopsy should be off. But in the source code for that clip there is no autoplay option and it does not auto play when I view it. Does it for you?

  4. fentex says

    All the time (using Chromium as my browser, the open source version of Chrome).

    Though as it happens I’m here on a browser at work (Chrome) and it isn’t autoplaying.

    Looking in this pages source I see you’re using an iframe to embed the video and don’t seem to have control over the embed tag, so unless you were to change how you embed these videos you can’t explicitly add the autoplay false instruction.

    I see that going to The Daily Show direct they have an ‘<> Embed’ button that provides the code to embed the video one is watching, and it includes explicit autoplay=false instructions which the iframe method on this page does not.

  5. Mano Singham says

    Ok, I found that one and will use it in the future. I don’t know why they they have two embed options.


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