“You talk to god, you’re religious. God talks to you, you’re psychotic.”

That is what the character Dr. House said in one episode of his eponymous TV show. That particular episode about a 15-year old faith healer is hilarious and sharply written. An excellent summary of that show that lasts 17:30 minutes and contains all the good bits can be seen here.

It turns out that Bill O’Reilly says that the Holy Spirit told him what to write about in his new book, suggesting that House might consider him psychotic too, but Stephen Colbert takes him at his word. (Incidentally why would anyone think that Bill O’Reilly has anything useful to say about the deaths of Lincoln, Kennedy, and Jesus, the topics of three of his books?)

The Colbert Report
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(This clip aired on October 2, 2013. To get suggestions on how to view clips of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report outside the US, please see this earlier post.)


  1. trucreep says

    Weird, that’s one of the few episodes I’ve seen of that show. I like what his dad says after awhile, something about how he loves him, but only trusts him as far as he can a 15-year-old kid.

  2. says

    What do they call it when you talk to your dead Aunt Betsy? Or the fairies living at the back of the garden? Or the invisible elephant in your refrigerator that keeps leaving footprints in the butter?

    And why does God get a pass, anyway?

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