Looking for recommendations for a wedding DJ in the Cleveland area

My daughter is getting married in Cleveland in the summer (northern hemisphere!) of 2014 and she is looking for a DJ for the reception. The catch is that she has not lived in this area since 2004 and so does not know the local music scene. And of course I am a total washout when it comes to knowledge about DJs or dance music or popular culture in general.

So are there any readers of this blog who could recommend good DJs in this area? We are looking for someone fairly mainstream, not too avant-garde, provides good service, and is easy to work with.

My daughter has heard of two DJs Rock the House and Selective Sound Entertainment. Feedback on these two or any other suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

The rapid rise of racism in Israel

Max Blumenthal has spent considerable time in Israel and has written a new book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel and he says that there is an increased right-wing trend in Israel, and that intolerance and outright racism are taking hold, even among the secular youth, and that these disturbing trends are being encouraged by the central institutions of Israeli society. [Read more…]

It can’t be wrong because everybody does it

It is rapidly becoming conventional wisdom, because of the determined effort to repeat it at every opportunity by supporters of the NSA and the national security state in general, that all these revelations of government spying is no big deal. Didn’t these people’s mothers’ tell them what mothers all over the globe tell their children when they ask to do something because all their friends are doing it: “If they jump over a cliff, are you going to jump too?” [Read more…]

Why aren’t atheists more politically influential?

YouGov has a new poll that says that only 76% of Americans believe in a god. Why do I say ‘only’ when it is a large majority? Because it really is quite surprising that a quarter of the public in America say they do not believe in a god. Recall that previous polls have put atheists and agnostic in the single digits and that the ‘unaffiliated’ groups at around 20% but the last number may include people who believe in a god but do not belong to any religious denomination. [Read more…]