1. Jeffrey Johnson says

    There seems to be an error in the headline. This is not Obama making his case. This is M. Wuerker presenting his cartoonish view of Obama’s case.

  2. sc_89b14af992115cf6a4b7fae00b64476c says

    I imagine it must be difficult for a cartoonist when you have no more room for exaggeration. Those messages are entirely accurate and still reality is way more cartoonish.

  3. McC2lhu doesn't want to know what you did there. says

    I said at the time of the last US federal election that a lot of folks were going to have to hold their noses and vote for Obama simply for the sake of ensuring that Rmoney, and Ayn Ryan never get near the national steering wheel. Obama was never going to be what we needed him to be. What I said had to happen IMMEDIATELY after the election was that progressives, liberals, secularists, whatever form of anti-GOP you were, would have to organize, get their collective heads together and form a cogent and lucid force of either getting genuinely progressive candidates into Democrat candidacy positions, or bulk up the money and noise being generated by a third party such as the Greens. I haven’t heard a peep from anyone in that avenue, with perhaps the closest thing being the Young Turks WolfPAC making a genuine effort to kill Citizens United.

    It is frightening how apathetic everyone turned knowing full well the ramifications could be, in fact ARE, of having that limited choice in the last election. Nate Silver has put current odds of the Dems losing the Senate during the midterm. Let that sink in for a moment. The party of absolute obstruction in charge of both houses to continue their anti-women, anti-science, theocratic crusade. Especially now, after what Snowden has revealed and this painting oneself into the red line crossed corner I expected a lot more activity to make sure there is no nose holding next time we are in the voting booth. There hasn’t been a peep. Egyptians can get millions of people to spend several weeks on the street multiple times to make their dissatisfaction known. What happens here? Everyone vibrating to see who the new Idol judges will be, twiddling thumbs until he next first-person shooter and maybe, if someone is within earshot, complaining about gas prices. Considering what is at stake with possibility of another war, a complete loss of personal privacy and the inane global warming deniers keen on a total biosphere destruction, what could possibly be behind this much fucking complacency?

    I would write more, but I have to go – Cupcake Wars are on…

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