Obama sabotages Congressional hearings on the NSA

Today starting at 9:30 am there was to have been an interesting informal Congressional hearing convened by Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) in which critics of the NSA program, including reporter Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU, were to testify. But practically at the last minute, the hearings had to be canceled because president Obama suddenly expressed an interest in having a chat with the Democrats in the House of Representatives at that same time. What an unfortunate coincidence!

But for some reason Obama does not seem to love the Senate Democrats as much and has not requested to meet with them, so the formal hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee, at which all the usual liars in the NSA and associated agencies have once again been invited to testify so that they can freely lie without consequences about what they do, will go on as scheduled.

ProPublica has compiled an excellent list of video clips of previous occasions where key people (Obama, senator Diane Feinstein, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Director of the NSA Keith Alexander, and the NSA ‘fact sheet’) have flat-out lied to the public, some even while testifying under oath, and then compared it with the truth.

Grayson will try and reschedule another hearing before Congress goes on recess but if he does succeed, who knows Obama might suddenly decide that that is the time that he wants them all over for lunch or go to a movie with them.

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