Do not tick off this pastor

Because you may become the topic of his next sermon.


  1. weaver says

    Religion is all about abuse of power – this guy just isn’t sugar-coating it.

    What an ass.

  2. carlie says

    All of those people should have just stood up and walked out.

    What he was saying was almost defensible from a hard-line church standpoint until he got to telling that kid in the av room to submit to him. Sheesh.

  3. says


    Sad to see that despite all the panels about mental disability this weekend:

    Holy Fuck! is this guy off his meds?

    Because that’s the only explanation for his open abuse of power and trust…

  4. sigurd jorsalfar says

    I feel bad for the people who attend his church and think they have to put up with this abuse. No one who says ‘you aren’t worth 15 cents’ loves you.

  5. says

    Cain you imagine the life she must have had! Talk about being right there as history was happening! No, her legacy is not tarnished. Those of us with brains, lack of seletive memory, and the ability to recognize overall achievement will remember her for what she was: a trailblazer in her field with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and information. After all, did Charles Lindbergh’s isolationist, pro-Hitler views, as well as his numerous affairs which produced several illegitimate children, really tarnish his achievements and overall legacy?

  6. Frank says

    Wow. Now I have a reason to be glad that I was raised in the Catholic Church–it wasn’t as bad as this. Due to the strict regimentation of the mass, this sort of thing would not have been possible.

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