Atrocities in the name of religion

We have an awful story out of Nigeria of the massacre of a teacher and 29 school children in Nigeria by the Islamic group Boko Haram, with many of the victims burned alive in their school building.

Meanwhile, David Drumm writes about another killing of students and teaches in Myanmar. This time Muslims were the victims at the hands of Buddhists. His description of what happened is horrific.

You can of course cue the apologists to come out with statements that Islam/Buddhism is a peaceful religion and that the perpetrators of these actions were not true Muslims/Buddhists. That is always the coda to these awful stories.


  1. TGAP Dad says

    As predictable as the sunrise, the ‘no true Scotsman’ argument will be trotted out. Then they’ll descend into ‘oh yeah? What about Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler (who WASN’T an atheist)?’

  2. Corvus illustris says

    The perpetrators need only call it “collateral damage,” and it will all be just fine. Works for superpowers.

  3. bmiller says

    I think Corvus has a point. Boka Haran has not leveled entire cities (Fallujah), spread uranium dust around a countryside causing cancer rates to skyrocket, funded and trained the rapists and murderers of nuns and union activists, encouraged the creation of Islamic extremism (Afghanistan)

    When all of this is done in the name of Power…or Realpoitic…or for the worship of the American Offical State Religion (Mammonism)….atrocities are perfectly ok!

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