Having fun with NSA recruiters

I was amused by how some students in the language program at the University of Wisconsin treated a pair of recruiters from the NSA who were looking for people for their language analyst program. The audio in that link is much better at getting a feel for the exchanges than the transcript.

These students are well informed and sharp and give the recruiters the kind of grilling that our media would do well to emulate. They flat-out accuse the recruiters of lying. I particularly liked the comment of one student.

I also want to know what are the qualifications that one needs to become a whistleblower because that sounds like a much more interesting job. And I think the Edward Snowdens and the Bradley Mannings and Julian Assanges of the world will prevail ultimately.

Nice work, UW students!


  1. doublereed says

    I didn’t understand the deal with them getting drunk and doing karaoke. Who cares?

    That being said, they were clearly not being respectful to the students and I found their answers incredibly condescending. They should have basically tried to be completely apolitical, rather than spout BS.

  2. invivoMark says

    I think it was the contrast between the recruiters trying to make their workplace sound like it’s full of normal people who like to have fun, and the appalling immorality of the work that they’re doing.

    I mean, I’m sure Sauron’s Uruk-Hai like to get drunk and sing karaoke on Fridays, but it might seem a bit ridiculous if their recruiters wanted to talk about that on their trip to the Shire.

  3. sillose says

    the voices are different, but i could almost swear it was my aunt talking there. these people are all basically the same personality. the same person. brainwashing sucks.

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