Breatharian to quit trying to live on light

You may recall Navenna Shine, a ‘breatharian’ who had decided to forego all nourishment and live on light alone. Fortunately she has decided to stop her ‘experiment’ today. She gives her reasons in a long statement. It consists partly of practical reasons (she seems to be running out of money and her phone and internet services will be cut off today) and partly because she says that the world may not be ready for this dramatic way of living and people may try to copy her without the careful preparation necessary and die as a consequence.

At least, I think that is what she is saying. Whatever it is, I am glad that she called it off. Even delusional people should not be encouraged to do such foolish things and die prematurely.

Her main problem is that she seems to have conversations with the Universe and takes her directions from it. She says, “When I began this whole adventure I asked the Universe what it wanted from me and I understood the message to say that I needed to do this in order to bring the possibility of being able to “Live On Light” onto our planet.”

Even her decision to stop was from the same source, saying “the closing of the phones and internet I see as a simple a message from the Universe that it is time to stop.”

It is never a good idea to think that you can have conversations with the imaginary (god) or the non-sentient (Universe) and get ideas on how to live from them.


  1. Jim H. says

    “However, I still have no evidence that I am actually “Living On Light” and it could well be slow starvation. Now that I am ending the experiment I will never know.”

    Pure lunacy.


    Additionally, how could she be so arrogant/stupid to undertake this experiment all the while ignoring the history of many people dying from horrible famine, when all they had was water and sunlight. I hesitate, but not much, to say that the world would be better off if she had seen the experiment through to its end.

  2. MNb says

    “the mind has to have all its belief systems lined up”
    “I choose now not to provide the proof, even if I could.”
    I am relieved. She admitting she was wrong would shake the very roots of my worldview. It’s so much comfortable to see my prejudices confirmed: quacks remain quacks.

  3. Hamilton Jacobi says

    She was never even truly fasting in the first place. Her beverage of choice was tea, and since British people always have milk with their tea, that milk doesn’t count as food (see the video in the link for a shot of her taking the milk carton out of her refrigerator). This dodge of “liquid food doesn’t count” is commonly used by people who claim to be fasting. Since she lost a lot of weight, her calorie intake was probably low, but it was never zero.

  4. invivoMark says

    … and added all the genes to synthesize all essential vitamins and amino acids that we can’t make on our own, and somehow found a way to absorb minerals from your surroundings…

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