Can you spot her mistake?

Anna L. Pierre is running for mayor of the city of North Miami. Her campaign poster says that she has been endorsed by Jesus Christ.

This is not unusual. Politicians in the US often claim that they prayed before their decision to run and in return they received some sort of sign that this is what they should do. My complaint has been that reporters give these assertions a pass, instead of asking questions that a journalist would ask if the politician had said that they received encouragement from a human source. In the latter case they would ask for concrete details about what form it took (visual? auditory?), what exactly it was, when it happened, whether anyone else was present, and so on. But with messages from god, no such questions are asked, indicating to me that no one really believes that god actually speaks to people.

But this time the reporter followed up with questions because the candidate made a mistake, and Pierre had embarrassingly say that she wanted to keep her communications with Jesus private. Can you spot her mistake?

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The problem was that Pierre was too specific, specifying that she got three signs. People love lists and rank ordering things and as soon as you mention a number, you have shifted from the vague to the concrete and this naturally prompts questions.

But Jesus has been doing more than giving signs to Pierre. He also had time to tell a woman, her mother, and her two children to take off all their clothes and stroll down a city street, which they did, smiling and enjoying the sunny weather until they got arrested.

Oh that Jesus! He’s such a kidder.


  1. Ulysses says

    she wanted to keep her communications with Jesus private.

    Then why did she put her communications with Jesus on her campaign poster? Duh!

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Is that a knee in the lower-right corner, or is Jesus just (very!) glad to see her?

  3. bmiller says

    Gosh. California elections these days are SO BORING. No voodoo spells. No deities endorsing candidates.

  4. Jockaira says

    I dunno…if I lived in Miami, I might vote for her. She’s a true miracle worker, getting an endorsement from a guy who’s been dead for more than two thousand year. Then again, maybe the endorsement is from a living Jesus…How many Jesus’ you think are living in Miami?

  5. sunny says

    I am waiting for the Mahdi to return. Once he is here, I shall run for office. Mahdi beats Jesus every time.

  6. twosheds1 says

    Claiming you are endorsed by Jesus seems to be the height of blasphemy. I’m surprised there wasn’t a backlash.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    I am endorsed by the “super best friends” group of gods from South Park. Not even Mecha Barbara Streisand can stop me.

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