The pundits who are always wrong

Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow points out that pundits who are always wrong never pay any price as long as they are wrong in the service of the powerful.

In the case of the Iraq war, for example, those who predicted that we would be greeted as liberators and would find all the weapons of mass destruction are still on their media perches because they were cheerleaders for a war that the Bush-Cheney administration was determined to wage.

But those who opposed the war and warned that it would be a tragic mess and were proved right, were dismissed because ‘everyone knew’ that the weapons were there and to express doubt was to be ‘not serious’.


  1. sailor1031 says

    To express doubt was not to be “not serious”; It was to be unpatriotic, a hater of amerika and a tool of the worldwide terrorist conspiracy. It could result in ostracism, threats and in extreme cases violence. At least in this neck of the virginia woods!

  2. jufulu says

    They are not there to make accurate projections. They are there to say the things that people agree with so that the show gets rating. Reality has nothing to so with it. /cynicism

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