A depressing anniversary

I feel obliged to note that today marks the 10th anniversary of the beginning, in the teeth of widespread worldwide opposition, of the unprovoked war of aggression by the US on Iraq, a war based on lies and sold to us by a dishonest government, cheered on by a supine Congress, and media propaganda. All those who were involved in that fraud should not only be ashamed of themselves but should have been exposed as liars and incompetents. But many of the principals refuse to acknowledge that they participated in an awful crime and have been allowed to get away scot free.

Here is an accounting of the terrible cost of that unnecessary war.

Hans Blix was interviewed on NPR today about how his efforts that showed that Iraq likely did not have weapons of mass destruction, that turned out to be the case, were ignored and even thwarted.

Meanwhile Stephen Walt says that the US is now also failing in Afghanistan, partly because it diverted resources away from that country to Iraq. He also points out who were the academics who were right about Iraq and are now, predictably, ignored.

It now appears that the majority of Americans have turned against the Iraq war but if history is any indication, they will quickly forget the lessons of the Iraq disaster and sign on once more if another manufactured threat is produced to justify starting a war with Iran.


  1. paulo says

    Some people see that the worst part were the lies of the Bush administration, to me the worst part was how easy it was to get the support of the public, the ingenuous behavior of the majority of the Americans was and still is what scares me the most.
    If the American public opinion get as scared about Iran as it was about Iraq, in 10 years we will be discussing the same thing.
    It does not matter if it’s lie or not, what it matters is if the people believe in it at the time or not.

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