Was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job?

This video makes a compelling case that the official story as told in the Star Wars saga was a lie to cover up the much darker truth of exactly who was behind that event and why they may have done it.


  1. Ravi Venkataraman says

    it looks like somebody has too much time on his hands to do this research that has no conceivable use to anyone and publish it on YouTube!

  2. badgersdaughter says

    Yeah, what exactly are his motivations, and what does he stand to gain by coming out with this story over 25 years after the fact?

  3. says

    “no conceivable use”?

    I can think of a use: demonstrating how easy it is to take facts out of context, selectively ignore things that don’t fit, and spin a rather convincing tale of a dark conspiracy.
    E.g. I can’t help but notice that the video conveniently left out the fact that Luke spent his youth flying skyhoppers and shooting womp rats. He had tons of experience in hitting small targets in flight. This is analogous to the way that many conspiracies just happen to leave out a bit of information here and there, that would otherwise undermine their case.
    Other problems include the fact that neither Leia or Luke were aware that Darth Vader was their father or that they were related at all; out of context quotes, like that of the Rebel pilot; and no mention of Obi-Wan at all (I guess that didn’t help the case). One might think that the fact that Vader’s old teacher, a Master Jedi, had been training Luke was kinda important.
    There’s also the point that R2-D2, while owned by Anakin, was not built by him; only C-3PO was. And then there’s a bit of fiddling with the time-line of when the Millenium Falcon was at the Death Star, trying to make it look more suspicious. They divorced the visit from the rescue of Leia, to make it look like they were two separate incidents.

    If you spend a little time thinking about this, it should be clear that this is a perfect case study of how conspiracy theories work.

  4. says

    I always knew there was something suspicious about the official account. Besides, when you look at the explosion of the Death Star, you can CLEARLY see the shockwave is in the form of a concentric ring, that is, there is no shockwave propagation along one axis. But if the central core was really detonated, AS THEY CLAIM, the explosion should be uniform in all three dimensions. CLEARLY the Death Star was destroyed by planted explosives. It’s just so OBVIOUS, why can’t anyone see it?

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