Upside Downton Abbey

I watched a lot of Sesame Street with my children when they were young. I particularly loved their parodies because they work on two levels, teaching simple lessons to young children while at the same time entertaining their adult companions by riffing off adult films and TV shows and music. Now that my children are grown I no longer watch the show but once in a while come across a new good parody.

Here they do their magic on the hit TV show Downton Abbey.

You can see more Sesame Street parodies here. Particularly good are their parodies of Bruce Springsteen’s song Born to Run and the TV show Glee.


  1. Rodney Nelson says

    But what happened to the tea and crumpets? Shouldn’t they have also fallen from the ceiling to the table (or Lady Grantham’s hat)? I wish there was a physicist around who could explain such phenomena.

  2. shouldbeworking says

    Simple, it’s called the First Law Of Cartoon Physics, aka, The Law of Selective Gravitation. It explains why everything falls faster than an anvil.

  3. machintelligence says

    The second law of cartoon gravity states that you won’t fall until you realize that you have run off a cliff.

  4. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    I still don’t know exactly what the heck Downton Abbey is, but that was good.

  5. Acolyte of Sagan says

    It’s a British costume drama depicting the upper classes in early 20th Century Britain. Think P. G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster without the humour.

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